We’ve got the Body & Soul Festival stage times, the playlist and how here are the recommendation for 12 acts to see in Ballinlough this year featuring 9 acts & 3 DJs you must see.



Anna Meredith

Friday, Main Stage, 10pm

I have zero idea what the live show from Scottish composer Anna Meredith will be like as she’s made music that had an epic brass quality and experimental post-rock-style music but if either of those show up as the sun sets on Ballinlough, particularly the bombastic ‘Nautilus’ then I’d be happy.


Le Boom

Friday, Woodlands, 3am

A late-night show from one of the best new bands in Ireland? Nice. Christy Leech & Aimie Mallon are a party band who make music that moves between house, pop and electro. They are one of the hottest tickets on Irish festivals this summer so stay up late for this one.


The Bug ft. Miss Red

Friday, Midnight Circus, 21:30

If it’s heavy bass and atmosphere with a gritty rhythmic shake informed by down and dirty Drum ‘n’ bass, ragga, grime, ambient and dub, then a live show from the Bug is a must.



Friday, Midnight Circus, Midnight

JD TWitch and JG Wilkes would be an inspiration to myself and the Lumo Club crew, and no doubt countless others, because they are great DJs, they have eclectic taste, they aren’t afraid to throw a curveball in the mix , run a great label, have made great remixes and and they created the best Sunday club ever at Sub Club in Glasgow bar none. They curate and play the Midnight Circus on Friday.




Saturday 11:15pm, Main stage

Simon Greene’s most recent Bonobo album traded off his reputation as a creator of intricate electronica to add some toughness and dynamic dancefloor production to his music, making Migration his best work yet. Live, he’s already known for large band recreations of that music so this should be a treat.


ELLLL (Live)

Saturday, Reckless In Love, 1am

Corkwoman Ellen King’s electronic is fairly uncompromising sonically, eschewing clean lines and grids for grit and lo-fi noise. Beneath it all, is a throbbing techno style. As seen in the recent Women In electronica documentary, King is also founder of the Gash Collective, who are also playing throughout the weekend.



Saturday, 1am Bulmers Lounge, Sunday Woodland stage 11:15pm

BARQ are seasoned musicians having played with Hozier, Kodaline, Monster Monster, Damien Dempsey, Loah, Lethal Dialect, Ryan Sheridan and Zaska in the past and are establishing their own rap-tinged soulful R&B jazz sound under a genre they’ve coined as “agrosoul.”


Sally Cinnamon

Saturday, Wonderlust, 11.15pm

Saturday is a great day for Irish DJs. While it would be remiss of me as one-third of Lumo CLub not to mention that we are playing twice on Saturday at Reckless in love from 4pm – 6pm and Absolut Bar late at 2am til close. So before you come over the latter, you can find my Loose Joints co-host Sally Cinnamon playing at the Wonderlust stage where I know there’s going to be be tunes I can recommend. Sally introduced me (and many others) to this track and it often gets a play in her sets.



Hundred Waters

Sunday, Main Stage, 9pm

Lisa lowres

One of my favourite live bands. The Florida band Hundred Waters‘ music features skittering electronic leaps, abstract folk textures and the undeniably beautiful voice of Nicole Miglis.


Kelsey Lu

Sunday, Main Stage, 15:30 / Woodlands, 22:30

Kelsey Lu is a North Carolinian cellist and singer/songwriter who makes orchestrally-arranged ambient folk music and has an EP out on True Panther. She has earned comparisons to Alice Coltrane and Bat For Lashes, Lu’s music leans into the avant-garde spectrum yet she has collaborated with artists in the field of pop and R&B like Blood Orange, Kelela and Wet.



Sunday, Woodlands 1am

They are the creators of an album that is one of my favourites of the year, an ’80s-inspired collection of strutting synth disco with heart. Simon Cullen and Sorca MCGrath will work better than most at 1am at a festival. The place to be.


Mix & Fairbanks

Sunday, Absolut Bar, 3pm

DJ Arveene has curated a whole weekend of DJs with an emphasis on the Irish selectors and the lineup is strong across the weekend with the likes of Ciara Brady, Kelly-Anne Byrne, Billy Scurry, Jimmy Rouge, Eddie Kay, Stevie G, Cyril Briscoe, DJ Deece and Aoife Nic Canna among them. Kildare up and comers Gary O’Reilly and Rob Smyth aka Mix & Fairbanks have recently got into original tracks to whopping effect, but it’s the skills as DJs playing disco and house edits and classics that started them on their path. Just listen to the Linndrum (80s drum machine) inspired mix they made for me last year.


Sing Along Social

Sunday, Woodlands Stage. 6:45pm

Ok so slightly cheating here, but my wife Aoife runs Sing Along Social and last year’s Body&Soul was the first time her zero commitment choir debuted at a festival and it went off as you can see below. Basically, Sing Along Social is a zero-commitment choir, a group karaoke session, a party with lyrics and backing tracks. This year’s theme is Pop Battle so think Drake vs. Rihanna, Justin vs Britney, Abba vs. Fleetwood Mac and more, including props and inflatable. It’ll be gas. There’s a kids version on the Saturday too.

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If Kevin Martin’s last album London Zoo was a dystopian soundclash, his first full-length in six years offers some hope and adds some shade to The Bug’s often dark surroundings.

London Zoo was a tank, that waged dirty warfare on the ears. ‘Skeng‘ shook rooms too.

Angels & Devils on the other hand, adds subtlety to Martin’s sound craft. It’s not all about chest-rattling. The album is well-titled, as the album pushes and pulls between light and dark in two parts. There’s a heaviness to it but it’s not just about unleashing dynamic frequencies, it’s a clammy smoke-filled cavern where your breath is hot and the air stings your eyes.

Liz Harris of Grouper sets the scene on ‘Void’, a distanced dubby choral ambience reminiscent of Massive Attack’s Mezzanine.

The songs when without guests like ‘Ascension’ can sound utterly alone seeking out solace. Miss Red voices the pattern on ‘Mi Lost’, a solitary organ reinforces the point and Gonjasufi plays the seeker of redemption on ‘Save me’.

Side two moves into the dark and gets devil angry coal-face of red-hot with The Bug’s regular MC counterparts returning things to an uneasy regularity. Flowdan shakes things up alongside Godflesh Justin Broadrick cheese-wire guitar line and Martin’s pummeling intensity is heralded. Roll Deep’s Manga takes us back to a grimier time on ‘Function’, while Martin references trap music production in his own unique way and the now defunct Death Grips couldn’t sound more at home in another’s mud than Martin’s.

Flowdan’s flow sounds paranoid (“snipers on my rooftop) and deep in the belly of the beast-type and Warrior Queen has no patience left as the reggae foundations of the music shake around her. Flowdan has the last say offering up his murky dancehall surroundings on the last track ‘Dirty’.

The album’s lighter first half Angels, brittle and lost, take us to the fire and burnt finale occupied by the Devils. One could exist without the other but that’s not the way it’s supposed to be.

Angels & Demons is out now on Ninja Tune.

Listen on NPR.

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Songs of 2008

Go forth to discover and listen to Nialler9’s 50 best tunes of the year..

Posted on December 16th, 2008


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If you were looking for a middleground between The Bug’s London Zoo and Dj Rupture’s Uproot Mix, this is it. You might know Martin Clark aka Blackdown from the influential dubstep blog he’s been running for years now. A Dusted magazine review has this fascinating album down better than I could:

Margins Music, however, serves as a definitive reminder of dubstep’s London roots. It’s the first full-length from Clark and his cohort Dan (Dusk) Frampton after a string of 12”s on their own Keysound Recordings, providing a powerful tour of the city’s boroughs through a blend of bass, field-recorded narrations, and Bollywood breaks. Clark’s thorough chronicling of the dubstep/grime scene over the past four years has certainly paid off; his efforts to blend journalism, documentary, and music are direct enough to cultivate a logical narrative, but are woven together with such subtlety that his intentions aren’t overly intrusive on the music itself. If Burial’s self-titled debut conjured a blurred, post-apocalyptic image of an underwater London, then Margins Music is its forward-thinking counterpart to the here-and-now.

Margins Music came out in August and has been slowly gaining plaudits ever since. It deserves your ears for ten minutes.

Dusk and Blackdown – Rolling Raj Deep

Dusk and Blackdown – Concrete Streets feat. Durrty Goodz

I bought it from iTunes myself but there’s also: Boomkat CD & MP3s/FLAC

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Apologies for the lateness in this here podcast. We’ve spilled over into December but that’s OK as I’m about to kick the Irish end of year albums and songs poll off this week so the next podcast will be chosen by you. For now though, we have a selection of more leftfield than usual stuff taking in “Malian-tinged sunniness, the electro muddiness of Telepathe, the gloomy ambience of King Midas Sound (The Bug’s new project)and uplifting yet slightly creepy Simian Mobile Disco remix of Deerhunter’s ‘Octet’“.

Aoife Mc who presents is available for bar mitzvahs and radio work. Get in touch.

nialler9 Podcast #21 (MP3 – right click / save as)

Podcast #21 -Tracklisting

  1. Amadou and Mariam – Djama [Welcome to Mali – Because Music]
  2. Magic Wands – Black Magic [7″ – Ark Recordings]
  3. Telepathe – Chrome’s On It [Vinyl EP – IAMSOUND Records]
  4. Zoon Van Snook – Bibliophone 5 [Interview and Interludes EP – Cookshop]
  5. Weird Tapes – Home [Download]
  6. Memory Cassette -Asleep at a Party [Download]
  7. King Midas Sound – One Ting (Dabrye Mix) [Cool Out – Hyperdub]
  8. Onra – My Comet [7″ Beat Series – All City]
  9. Mail Order Messiahs – Caffeine Dreams [Par Avion EP – Ambulance Chaser]
  10. Starkey – Spacewalk [Ephemeral Exhibits – Planet Mu]
  11. Deerhunter – Octet (Simian Moble Disco re-edit) [Download]

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Hey the blog is three years old today! There are two ways to interpret this: 1) Major loser 2) Music fanatic (Is there really any difference?). So here’s a special post for a special day. I asked DJ Robbie Coffey to once again to put his skills to use for the occasion and this is what he concocted. Just check out the sweet tracklisting, it’s full of killer grime, dubstep and hip-hop and has some of my favourite tunes from the past few years.

DJ Robbie Coffey – Waxy Cocktail Mix

  1. Primal Scream – Loaded
  2. Missy Elliot – Get Ur Freak On (accapella)
  3. MC Lyte – I am the Lyte
  4. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime (inst.)
  5. Public Enemy – Shut em Down
  6. Schooly D – Gucci Time
  7. Wiley – Wearing my Rolex
  8. Ghislain Poirier – Blazin’ feat Face T (Modeselektor remix)
  9. Eazy E – Tha Muthafuckin Real (accapella)
  10. Daedelus – Fair Weather Friends
  11. Dizzee Rascal – Trapped
  12. Benga & Coki – Night
  13. The Bug feat Flowdan – Warning
  14. M.I.A. – Paper Planes (inst.)
  15. Roni Size Reprazent – Don’t Hold Back (TC & D*Minds remix)
  16. Utah Saints – Something Good (High Contrast ’08 remix)
  17. Tricky D & Mez feat. Mirda Chikinba – When We Coming
  18. M.I.A. – Paper Planes (accapella)
  19. Ice T – Warning


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You don’t want to see me get eeeevil... One of my tunes of the year.

The Bug

Posted on September 22nd, 2008


What an amazing picture! If you look closely at the screen, she’s playing with FRACTALS! What a trippy office!

Anyway, here are nine songs for your bank holiday weekend.

Another high-quality Four Tet remix, I’ve become convinced he can turn his remix hand to any genre and we will come out spoiled. This track is a 9-minute menacing synth-driven opus that allows intricate Battles guitar lines to satellite an ever-pulsing beat.

Battles – Tonto (Four Tet remix)


Diplo remixing THE DECEMBERISTS!?! That doesn’t sound right and truthfully this remix is fairly weak by Diplo’s standards. I’ve included it more out of curiousity than quality. There are other remixes for this single from Junior Boys and Rob da Bank also.

The Decemberists – The Perfect Crime (Diplo remix)


The elusive bonus track from Happy Birthday rears its head finally.

Modeselektor – I Can’t Sleep (Without Music) feat. Maximo Park


Posted on October 26th, 2007


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I nearly didn’t make it to The Bug and Warrior Queen on Friday. Post-work apathy held me long enough before I made a dash for the last bus into town to catch the gig. When I arrived, there was a queue outside Traffic of about 40 or so people yet it was past midnight (gig was due to start at 10.30pm).

I waited outside for 50 minutes in the bouncers “Drum and bass” queue to get downstairs to the basement. I met Declan from !Kaboogie who told me why there was a delay. The hassle involved Warrior Queen who flew from Jamaica to Dublin but was refused entry into the country on visa problems. A plan was made to fly her to London, then onto Belfast where she could get a bus down to Dublin. Unfortunately, Warrior Queen had little or no money for all this so she was met in Belfast by 4 lads from Diston who If I understand correctly, ended up driving her down to Dublin. They arrived just after midnight. That’s the gist of the story I was told anyway.

When I finally got in, the place was jammed and T-Woc was finishing up his set. The next hour and a half was crazy, The Bug came on and played loads of excellent dancehall and dubstep and the extra sub bass speakers made the difference to send the crowd on a spazz-out. In front of the DJ booth, there was limbs flailing everywhere, bodies whacking off each other trying to dance in such a compact space. The effort to dance was quashed periodically by people passing through to use the toilets and the guy in the wheelchair who wanted to be closer to the action. Fair play to him. As the night wore on, the leaf netting above us was being pulled down to where it looked like we were all wearing it on our heads.

Warrior Queen joined the Bug during the set and was an excellent MC. She definitely did a version of “Check it”. Also, if someone can help me, there was also a track played which sounded like a remix of Kode 9 and Spaceape? Any ideas? By the time, the gig was drawing to a close, the downstairs lights were on, the bouncers were failing to get people out. No-one wanted to leave. As I waited for a friend outside on the street, I thought, not for the first time, about the interesting parallel between the dancehall basement madness below and the people upstairs in the dance-pop bar, completely oblivious to what was happening below their feet. Well done, !Kaboogie, I haven’t sweat that much for months!

Posted on October 22nd, 2007

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!Kaboogie are back in Traffic tonight with the extra subwoofers for this great lineup. Coming all the way from Jamaica to play Abbey Street, Warrior Queen will be joined by the dub/dancehall/grime producer The Bug from the UK. Warrior Queen has garnered attention for her collaborations with the Bug and Skream on the massive track “Check it” last year. The Bug and Warrior Queen have collaborated on the Ladybug project this year which I wrote about here.

Also playing tonight are DJ PCP, T-Woc and special guest. €13 before 12, €15 after. 10.30pm – 2.30am. Previously posted MP3 tasters below.


Posted on October 19th, 2007

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