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Banks – ‘Drowning’

Banks – ‘Drowning’


You know when there’s such a long build up to a debut album and you’ve heard most of it already, love the singles so kind of wouldn’t be surprised if the album didn’t have any more great songs on it, because, let’s face it, if like Banks, you had the following songs on your album: ‘Waiting Game’, ‘Brain’, ‘This Is What It Feels Like’, ‘Goddess’ and ‘Warm Water’, then that’s already five great songs.

Room for another? ‘Drowning’ is Banks’ new single, produced by Al Shux, and is another stellar single (out July 7th) with Jillian Banks channeling prior relationship difficulties, from the album Goddess out September 8th on Good Years/Harvest Records.

Banks plays Longitude this summer. Don’t miss it.

Goddess Track List:

1. Alibi
2. Goddess
3. Waiting Game
4. Brain
5. This Is What It Feels Like
6. You Should Know Where I’m Coming From
7. Stick
8. Fuck Em Only We Know
9. Drowning
10. Beggin For Thread
11. Change
12. Someone New
13. Warm Water
14. Under The Table