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Bantum channels summer energy on new single ‘Tower’

Bantum channels summer energy on new single ‘Tower’


Cork producer Bantum continues to enjoy 10 years of releasing excellent electronic music with his new single ‘Tower’, premiering on the site today.

Much like ‘Gully’, a track Bantum released in March, ‘Tower’ is a pure-spirited dance tune.

‘Tower’ is a fresh dose of summer, LFO-ed synth strings played against crisp hi-hats and a moving sub-bass line. It sounds joyous, full of life and energy.

Bantum had the following to say about ‘Tower’ – ““Since releasing Gully I’ve really felt energised to the point where I’m loving putting together these sample driven, string laden tracks. This is definitely one of my more energetic efforts and I really had a blast making this. I’ve taken a heavy influence from working with the likes of God Knows, Denise Chaila and Sim Simma Soundsystem in terms of energy and vibe. I absolutely can’t wait to play this live when I can! The title “Tower” is a reference to where I’m at right now, literally! I live on Tower Street in Cork city and the working title stuck. I live right next to this old Tower that I think has been giving me some inspiration to make the track in a funny way. Gully was a look at my past, Tower is a look at my present and I’m already thinking about what lies ahead in future for myself and with my friends. As always, the artwork is a continuation of my collaboration with fellow Cork artist Shane O’Driscoll

It’s a pleasure to hear the producer in such rich creative vein, we’re looking forward to whatever he turns his attention toward going forward.