, Listen to the bleak and beautiful new Baths track – ‘Miasma Sky’

, Listen to the bleak and beautiful new Baths track – ‘Miasma Sky’It’s the week before large paths of the music industry descend on Austin for the annual music-feeding frenzy that is South By South West and naturally, those artists who have new releases on the way are keen to show them off while there. Enter, Baths who will followup the skittering electronic brilliance of Cerulean with Obsidian (lava-formed rock), an album he first started making through a severe and prolonged bout of E.Coli virus which left him bedridden for months.

As a result, much of the new material alludes or outright covers a darkness not previously heard in his music as does the bleak artwork. ‘Miasma Sky’ though despite painful references to being “tall rock shelf are you maybe here to hurt myself” and bounces along in a TEED-style gentle pace with a violin reprise lifting the spirits skyward.

Obsidian is out on Anticon on May 24th-28th.