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The 50 best club tracks of 2018

The 50 best club tracks of 2018



LCD Soundsystem

Oh Baby Lovefingers remix

I love this because it’s got expectation in its keys and while it’s a low-tempo track, sounds good sped up too.


Helena Hauff

The Smell Of Suds and Steel

Is there anything to be said for corroding metallic techno? Yes there is.


Kojo Antwi

Hini Me

‘Hini Me’ was originally recorded in Denmark in 1986 by Ghana afro pop singer Kojo Antwi but given some well-needed airtime via a release on Rush Hour.


Francisco & Cosmo


An ’80s electronic chugger in the style of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Relax’.


Hot Slot Machine

Rhythm (Young Marco Rework)

The remix B-side to a song that featured in this list last year and got an offical vinyl release.


Mount Kimbie

Four Years and One Day (Gerd Janson remix)

Janson brings a whole new vibe to Mount Kimbie’s instrumental.


DJ Koze

Illumination (feat. Róisín Murphy)

. On Illumination, Murphy adds some human soul to the German producer’s glacial and mechanical dance production. “I need a bit of light here,” Murphy quips on the track as if narrating her very presence.




Bicep cohort Hammer steps up with this superb track on Dublin label Modern Magic.


Mix & Fairbanks


The Kildare electronic production duo Mix & Fairbanks went from strength to strength in 2018. ‘Hooly’ from their earlier EP, Bavarian Nights, once again displays the pair’s deft command of dance music textures and elements, building a sprawling electronic disco track from ’80s drum hits, arp bassline and cowbell.


Marie Davidson

Work It

‘Work It’ is the perfect blend of sardonic lyricism and industrial beats with the added element of Davidson playing the firm but encouraging life coach. “Do you want to know how I get away with everything? I work all the fucking time / from Monday to Friday, Friday to Sunday, I love it / I work,” she begins, like dance music’s own version of a TED talk over an industrial electro beat. Davidson flexes like a dominant aerobics instructor.

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