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Blooms flirts with temptation on ‘Distance’

Blooms flirts with temptation on ‘Distance’


London-based Cork lady Louise Cunnane, Blooms, has this year, featured on collaborator Kobina’s EP as well as releasing a ‘Give It Up’.

Her new P*Nut-produced ‘Distance’ continues her run of atmospheric pop tunes that are a little too dark and moody to be true pop music. ‘Distance’ arrived with a reference to Banks and I can certainly hear that comparison in this.

The track is is the final installment in Blooms’ Love Trilogy (Fall, Love, Distance).

“Distance toys with the idea of going back to the person you have walked away from. Flirting with temptation even though you know it’s bad for you.”

Produced by P*nut, Distance has been played at many Blooms shows, taking on a new sound with additional production from Gil Lewis and Simeon Rodgers.