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Bonde do Rock ‘n’ Role!

Bonde do Rock ‘n’ Role!


Bonde do Role

It’s always a party when these three Brazilians are in town. Silly samples and dance moves aplenty. Here’s a multimedia recap of last night’s performance. As with all gigs in Crawdaddy, it’s only worth it if you get up the front. Sooo tired.

Tonight is Electronic Resistance with Prince Kong, Queen Kong with T-Woc, Richie Kaboogie and Super Extra Bonus Party DJ set in Voodoo Lounge. Tenner in. Say hello.


Bonde do Role Bondallica live

Bonde do Role – Quero Te Amar live with Irish male Dancers!

Super Extra Bonus Party supported

Photos and Mp3s after the jump.



Bonde do Role – James Bonde


Bonde do Role – Bondallica


Bonde do Role – Quero te Amar