, Craic Boi Mental puts haters on notice with new SESH FM-directed video

So, that was a mad few days for Irish hip-hop, a couple of weeks back.

Everyone from Mango to Blindboy caught wind of yet another new mixtape from the mind behind an array of increasingly odd projects/pseudonyms, and it duly caught fire online: this parish responded to savage disses on the boss’ podcast, while District Magazine conducted a comprehensive semi-character interview.

A blend of endearing lo-fi production and Craic Boi Mental’s unswerving dedication to both humour and blurring the narrative tropes on which the former relies, has caused mixtape Cork City Anthems to be something of a cult success.

So, naturally, the SESH FM lads, specifically video wizard Brown Sauce reached out on a possible collaboration, following their own successes with the Somewhere In Ireland series and videos for Invader Slim, among others.

The result is as thoroughly debauched as one might expect, as Brown Sauce’s now-trademark psychey camera work and transitions mesh with Craic Boi’s own aesthetic, embellished by the sight of the rapper stalking the hills above Cork City, nunchuck in hand.

Craic Boi Mental and Whip Grl play Yamamori Tengu in Dublin on March 28th, a Good Name presentation.