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Deerhunter – On Platt’s Eyott Session

Deerhunter – On Platt’s Eyott Session



This session was recorded during the evening of the 15th of September at Studio Plateaux, a DIY studio nestled on the Platts Eyott island – a nature reserve with the western end designated as Green Belt – on the Thames – London.

The idea behind the session was in memory of John Peel and his famous Radio 1 sessions. The studio equipment is a rare collection of vintage Ribbon microphones, preamps, tape machines and effects, all resourced over many years and sourced from around the world.

Bradford Cox recorded the songs like a continuous stream of consciousness; the session intended to be listened in order and uninterrupted. Kristian Craig Robinson (Capitol K) produced and engineered the session, while Bradford reworked several songs from Microcastle, a ne version of ‘Spring Hall Convert’ from Cryptograms and a couple of unreleased songs.

Listen : Deerhunter – On Platt’s Eyott Session

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