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Everything Is Recorded share heartbreaking song feat. Infinite Coles and Maria Somerville

Everything Is Recorded share heartbreaking song feat. Infinite Coles and Maria Somerville

On Friday, XL Recordings boss, Richard Russell will release the second Everything Is Recorded album Friday Forever (“an investigation into the universality of the Friday night experience”), which as we’ve previously discussed features a lot of guests including Ghostface Killah, Aitch, Penny Rimbaud of Crass, A.K Paul, Flohio and two Irish artists Kean Kavanagh of Soft Boy Records and Galway musician Maria Somerville, who features on 4 tracks.

Before the album is released, XL have shared the track ’11:55AM / THIS WORLD’ feat. Infinite Coles and Maria Somerville built around the two vocalists singing “this world’s going to break your heart.”

The tune is indeed a heartbreaker, a suitably reflective respite in trying times.

Friday Forever tells a story through music that starts at 9:46PM on a Friday night and finishes at 11:59AM the next morning.  

Richard Russell will also release his debut book Liberation Through Hearing: Rap, Rave and the Rise of XL Recordings this Thursday 2nd April. Richard Russell has also curated a ten-hour plus playlist of over 140 songs as a soundtrack to the book.

Everything Is Recorded – Friday Forever tracklist

  1. 09:46 PM / EVERY FRIDAY THEREAFTER (Intro) (Ft. Berwyn & Maria Somerville)
  2. 10:51 PM / THE NIGHT (Ft. Berwyn & Maria Somerville)
  3. 12:12 AM / PATIENTS (FUCKING UP A FRIDAY) (Ft. Aitch & Infinite Coles)
  4. 01:32 AM / WALK ALONE (Ft. Berwyn & Infinite Coles)
  5. 02:56 AM / I DONT WANT THIS FEELING TO STOP (Ft. Flohio)
  6. 03:15 AM / CAVIAR (Ft. Ghostface Killah & Infinite Coles)
  7. 04:21 AM / THAT SKY (Ft. James Massiah & Maria Somerville)
  8. 05:10 AM / DREAM I NEVER HAD (Ft. A. K. Paul)
  9. 09:35 AM / PRETENDING NOTHINGS WRONG (Ft. Kean Kavanagh)
  10. 10:02 AM / BURNT TOAST (Ft. A. K. Paul & Berwyn)
  11. 11:55 AM / THIS WORLD (Ft. Infinite Coles & Maria Somerville)
  12. 11:59 AM / CIRCLES (Outro (Ft. Penny Rimbaud)

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