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Fehdah’s ‘Saharakungoh’ is a glamorous blend of house and afro-soul

Fehdah’s ‘Saharakungoh’ is a glamorous blend of house and afro-soul

Ruth Cronin

We’ve been looking forward to new Fehdah material since we heard her remix of Loah‘s ‘This Heart’ back in November.

The Sierra Leonean-born artist has been working on new original tracks for the past two years and the first fruits of her work see release today with ‘Saharakungoh’.

‘Saharakungoh’ is the fist single taken from Fehdah’s upcoming EP and we like what we’re hearing. Self-produced and arranged herself, the track demonstrates how much her talents as a producer have evolved since we last heard from her in 2017. There are new electronic elements there in the trapped high-hats and jittery synths but there are also traces of earlier material in the tight backing vocals and melodies; it feels like a real fusion of a mix of styles and influences, past and present.

The song is multi-layered and takes a lot of twists and turns, its a real trip for the ears. In blending elements of her African roots through her music, Fehdah describes her sound as ‘Sahelian-Electrosoul’ and there really isn’t anything else like it being made in Ireland at the moment.

In an interview with District Magazine she described the track as a vulnerable love song, and it certainly does live up to those moments of pure, innocent euphoria in a romance. She also said that she’ll be releasing five singles this year, two of which will feature her favourite Irish artists.

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