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Luka Palm’s new song is all about love on the ‘Nightlink’ home

Luka Palm’s new song is all about love on the ‘Nightlink’ home

Softboy MC Luka Palm has come through with one of the standout Valentine’s Day releases with his new single ‘Nightlink’.

Palm, whose 2018 single ‘San Pelly’ stuck out as exceptional, continues to impress here.

‘Nightlink’ comes in slightly downtempo and very catchy. Soft jazz samples and a double bass line give Palm the ideal platform to espouse on a romantic interest just beyond arms reach.

There’s a distinctly summery vibe to the instrumental, a dreamy texture carried in the horn snippets and Palms’ baritone delivery. As was the case on ‘San Pelly’, Palm’s flow continues to improve. Less affectation on the accent makes the lyrics clearer, the strongest asset of the artist’s material. Palm seems to have a knack for penning bars, usually on the topic of romantic pursuit, with universal appeal.

Both Kojaque and Kean Kavanagh make appearances on the track, the later providing a super smooth hook. Wastefellow shows his flair for production, handling mixing duties on this one. The whole team turns up.