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Glastonbury is NOT changing its name to The Variety Bazaar…

Glastonbury is NOT changing its name to The Variety Bazaar…

Reports based on on-air remark by Michael Eavis suggested that Glastonbury was to change its name to the The Variety Bazaar in 2019.

That’s not true (I think). Glastonbury will remain Glastonbury and remain at Worthy Farm after a fallow year break in 2018 but the organisers are thinking about having another event called The Variety Bazaar elsewhere in 2019, but it may be a placeholder name.

Emily Eavis, not realising seemingly, that Twitter uses characters that make words, tweeted a screenshot of words to clarify.

Michael said of a new festival on Glastonbury FM:

“‘The Glastonbury Festival team presents The Variety Bazaar’. “That’s a good name, don’t you think?”

Of the new site, presumably where The Variety Bazaar takes place, he said:

“It’s half way to the Midlands from here and there’s only one landowner. I’ve got 22 landowners where I am now. I just wonder whether the next generation will want to negotiate with so many people. It’s a very difficult job to hold it together.”

So, Glasto remains Glasto for now? But there may be another festival called The Variety Bazaar in another place as mentioned. Are we right? OK. thanks.

Radiohead are the first band confirmed to play 2017’s Glastonbury.