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Handpicked new tunes: Syd, Leon Vynehall, For Those I Love, Aby Coulibaly, Biig Piig, Rochelle Jordan & more

Handpicked new tunes: Syd, Leon Vynehall, For Those I Love, Aby Coulibaly, Biig Piig, Rochelle Jordan & more

Friday is release day and here’s the first things that caught my ear while listening to new songs out.

See the New Music section for individual posts on tracks we deemed worthy enough of their own article this week.

Biig Piig – ‘Cuenta Lo

Biig Piig has been on a roll with the singles and the latest one takes a break from the bangers with a Spanish-language song of dark proportions. It’s “an alter-ego-driven song about money, sex and power. The video is based around when I used to be a poker dealer, and it’s about the coldness and greediness that money can bring in all industries…including music.”

For Those I Love – ‘Birthday / The Pain’

I already wrote about this song and its stunning video this week but please, take a moment to immerse yourself in Dave Balfe’s world. The album is finally out on March 26th.

Leon Vynehall – ‘Mothra’ / ‘Ecce! Ego!’

Rare, Forever is the new album from UK producer due in April and he shared two tracks from it this week.

Christian Cohle – ‘Holy Trouble

Ahead of next week’s debut album release of the same name, the songwriter and producer Christian Cohle dropped the title track ‘Holy Trouble’ with a video by Tristan Heanue starring Olwen Fouéré and Caoimhe O’Malley that heighten the song’s impassioned sonics.

Syd – ‘Missing Out’

A downbeat return for The Internet’s Syd which is a bit of a grower.

Aby Coulibaly – ‘Long Nights’ (Acoustic)

Rising Irish R&B artist Aby Coulibaly is only on song three of her public works but there’s a confidence and vibe that is coming through here that is worth noting.

milk. – You & I

The Dublin band milk. have released another fine alt-pop track.

Dry Cleaning – ‘Strong Feelings’

London four-piece Dry Cleaning follow up ‘Scratchcard Lanyard’ with a more album track vibe which announces the release of their album New Long Leg in April on 4AD.

In case you were wondering about the origins of the band::

Dry Cleaning was formed by friends Tom Dowse, Nick Buxton and Lewis Maynard after a karaoke party in 2017 inspired a collaboration.  They wrote instrumentally to begin with until six months later Florence Shaw, a visual artist, university lecturer and picture researcher by day – with no prior musical experience – turned up to a band rehearsal with a copy of Michael Bernard Loggins’ Fears Of Your Life to read out over the music.  Before long she was the group’s frontperson, contributing words of her own, and serving as the perfect foil to the band’s music. 

Rochelle Jordan – ‘All Along’

A followup to the equally excellent ‘Got Em’, the LA-based Rochelle Jordan teams up with KLSH and Machinedrum for a garage, R&B hybrid of ‘All Along’

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