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18 new bands to see at Hard Working Class Heroes 2015

18 new bands to see at Hard Working Class Heroes 2015


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13. Pleasure Beach


Galloping Belfast indie-rock.

Saturday October 3 – 10.15pm @ The Academy

I caught this Belfast band’s debut Irish show a couple of weeks ago and it was one of the best new band sets I’ve seen all year. Plus, their forthcoming EP on Faction has two great tracks on it. Think Springsteen, The War On Drugs and Dire Straits as influences.

14. Johnny Stewart


The new Hozi…..err?

Saturday October 3 – 8.50pm @ Hangar

The words ‘the next Hozier’ is a cautionary tag that could bring more folly and lead to more copycats than anything else. However, if you like the kind of bluesy-rock that ‘The Hoze’ also is quite fond of, but like it with a more Black Keys-esque bite, then Mr Stewart might be your bag. See also Basciville.


15. Maija Sofia


A new Galway singer-songwriter.

Saturday October 3 – 8:10pm @ The Grand Social

It’s early days for this Galway musician who splits her time between Dublin and London. Early songs are quite lo-fi but reminscent of Nina Hynes starting out.


16. Discopunks


Channeling rock’s great past

Saturday October 3 – 9:30pm @ Hangar

Taking their cues from LCD Soundsystem’s post-punk disco,  classic rock histrionics and Bono-style vocals, discopunks are either too on the nose to the source or brilliant at what they do. I’ve yet to see them live so I will be having a look.


17. Sinéad White


Bright acoustic folk

Saturday October 3 – 8:15pm @ The Academy

Leixlip singer-songwriter Sinéad White released a debut collection of folk/pop songs earlier this year.  White’s bright timbre paved its way through guitar and piano-lead songs and her belting vocals are her big draw. She’s collaborated with Daithi on an absolute club banger to be released soon.


18. Plutonic Dust


Electronic disco vibes

Saturday October 3 – 9:35pm @ The Academy Green Room

Take some dark-edged disco and a penchant for percussive electronic funk music and you have the improving sound of Dublin four-piece Paddy MacAdam, Veronica Moran, Kevin McKnight, and Ciaran O’ Shea.


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