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Introducing: Planningtorock

Introducing: Planningtorock

I’d never listened to Planningtorock before until this morning. I followed a link to a strange video then I found a weird remix of Telepathe and both of them are ending up here.

In short, Planningtorock is one Berlin-based Janine Rostron – singer, songwriter, composer, producer and videographer. She strikes me as akin to a weird LED helmet-wearing Lady Gaga if Gaga only listened to black metal and The Knife (who as it turns out she is writing an opera with on the subject of Darwin). An album is forthcoming on DFA records and the “Black Thumber” video promo above is for a special preview performance at the Donau Festival.

It’s weird stuff but I like it. This remix of Telepathe is like a playful but malevolent robotic clown. You’re expecting it to turn dark but it just keeps on going along the light-hearted jaunty bouncy path.

Telepathe – Devils Trident (Planningtorock remix)

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