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Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard – ‘Em Are I

Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard – ‘Em Are I


Em Are I is the fifth album proper from Jeff Lewis and is yet another singular look into the mind of a brilliant lyricist, comic artist and increasingly more intricate musician. Joined as he is this time round by a full band The Junkyard, just like the excellent 12 Crass Songs covers album from 2007 bolsters these personal songs about hair loss, ghosts, love, and public transport. Jeffrey’s appeal is his ability to sing things of meaning with understated simplicity.

Jeff seems to like Ireland and Ireland likes him a lot. No doubt, he will be looking for a couch to crash on next week when he arrives here. Get in touch if you”d like to help him (and his band out).

Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard – Roll Bus Roll

April 28 — Cork – Crane Lane
April 29 — Dublin – Crawdaddy
April 30 — Belfast – Black Box

The video for ‘To Be Objectified’ is in the more.