, Lakerama explore the tapped in world’s effects on us with soulful fringe electronica

The Limerick/Cork pairing of Lakerama, Graeme S (Hsuan Records) and Senita (also of Shookrah) have regrouped for some new music to followup their 2015 debut EP.

The new EP Contactless comes out Friday and the duo once again explore matching influences from house, garage, juke and footwork dance genres with Senita’s soul-filled vocals.

The EP they say explores the “tapped in world.”

“A look into our era of cross communicative mediums, the ineptitude to connect to one another and ourselves, the efficiency, burst of the technological age and our heightened numbness within it and our perceived lack of control. It’s a personal recount of waking up, wondering where you fall in this and how it applies to you.”


“The idea with this EP was to incorporate a palette of sounds and influences we wouldn’t normally indulge in, from the sprawling UK sounds of UK Funky and Grime to hyperactive trap. ‘Contactless’ is meant to be intentionally darker and in many tracks the production is stripped right back. This gives Senita’s voice vulnerability but there’s also a strong sense of self and a confidence that comes through. Given that the EP was written over 2016, it reflected the state of mind that many of us find ourselves in, we are not overly optimistic about the future but neither are we nihilistic, ultimately we feel we are at a crossroad and it’s not entirely clear if we have any control over our futures”