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Listen to a Jacques Renault Italo-Disco mix

Listen to a Jacques Renault Italo-Disco mix

Jacques Renault put together a sweet Italo-Disco mix for Boiler Room featuring known classics like Doctor’s Cat ‘Feel The Drive’ and Kano’s ‘Another Life’.

“Going through my records to prepare for this Italo-inspired mix was a trip down memory lane; I loved it. I thought it would help if I narrowed my options of what to include by picking out records that I bought in various NYC record stores before the Discogs days. If that wasn’t enough, I cranked it to eleven and selected only Italian pressings, with the exception of my U.S. copy of “Feel the Drive.” I’m sure any Italo enthusiast will know all of these tunes, so the point wasn’t to wow you with how desirable the tracks are, but rather give you a snapshot of what Italo I did find in the early 2000s that still means something to me today.”


Marzio Dance D.J. and Gang “Adventure (Theme Version)”
Doctor’s Cat “Feel The Drive”
B B Band “All Night Long”
Cyber People “Void”
Moonbase “Waiting For A Train (Jacques Renault Edit)”
Gina & The Flexix “I Wanna Believe”
Plastic Mode “Mi Amor”
Faxe “Time For Change”
Lama “Love On The Rocks”
Kano “Another Life”
Danny Keith “Keep On Music”


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