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Listen to Arcade Fire’s Everything Now now

Listen to Arcade Fire’s Everything Now now


After months of marketing transmissions from the Everything Now corp employees, the fifth Arcade Fire album is here finally and the music speaks for itself. I’ve loved everything they’ve released from it to date especially the rousing title track and the Talking Heads meets Blondie of ‘Signs Of Life‘ and like those varied bag of songs, Everything Now is the Canadians’ most eclectic album, drawing on bee-bop reggae on ‘Chemistry’, dub rock on ‘Peter Pan’, a diptych of two contrasts of ‘Infinite Content’, the funk-inflected ‘Good God Damn’ , the electronic-foundation of ‘Put Your Love On Me’ and the dusky ballad of ‘We Don’t Deserve Love’.

Whether these diversions work or not depend on repeated album listens to ascertain but Everything Now is certainly the band’s most exploratory work, and most sonically separate.

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