For the last two years, January has been brightened up by the appearance of Quompilation, a compilation from Quarter Inch Collective. The premise is simple: bands from Ireland cover their favourite music of the last year. That idea has led to great covers and odd juxtapositions: No Monster Club covering Jedward, Simon Bird covering Kavinsky’s ‘Nightcall’ song from the film Drive, Cloud Castle Lake covering Kanye and Girl Band covering The Chemical Brothers.

For Quompilation #3, some of the same names are back; Girl Band tackle Blawan’s dark techno anthem ‘Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?’, Turning Down Sex go hell for leather on Dublin’s No Spill Blood. Ginola thrash up Katie Kim’s ‘Heavy Lightning’, Kathi Burke covers Frank Ocean, Spilly Walker take on Moodyman and as-featured last week, Cloud Castle Lake cover Jai Paul.

Listen to the whole thing below. A launch night in The Workman’s Club, Dublin happens this Friday February 1st featuring most of the 14 bands and the album will be available for download and cassette that date.

Listen to Volume #1 and #2.

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