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little xs for eyes – ‘Funk Island’

little xs for eyes – ‘Funk Island’

It’s a fast-moving world dear readers, and music is moving faster than many artforms. Each day brings more gold for us to put in our ears. Which is great for us but it sometimes feels things get missed or forgotten about much quicker than before.

Which when it comes from the transportive new album from little xs for eyes, Everywhere Else is a shame, as it’s you that might be missing out.

But that is why the concept of singles exist, and the new one from the harmony-laden girl/boy band is a doozy from that album. ‘Funk Island’, say the band “is a uninhabited rock off the coast of Newfoundland, the place where the very last of the Great Auks was poached to adorn a nineteenth century taxidermy collection. It’s the place we have been searching for: rare and exotic and full of promise. We long to get there but secretly hope we never do, for once we find it there is nothing left to search for.”

The bright track comes with a remix of their recent single ‘Logical Love’ by Rory Grubb, a man known for the invention of an instrument of a ‘ceramophone’ (think xylophone fashioned from amplified ceramic pots) which is heard on the album. For the remix, Grubb employed the sole use of a Casio SA-1 keyboard.

Hear and buy it at Bandcamp: