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little xs for eyes – ‘Love Gets Lost’

little xs for eyes – ‘Love Gets Lost’


The Dublin six-piece band little xs for eyes, are one of the few bands around this island who indulge in harmonic indie-pop so thoroughly and it helps that they have an equal mix of girls and boys for maximum effect.

Last year, their ‘Summer Stay’ single implored the sun to stick around a bit longer. For their first single off their new second album Everywhere Else, to be released in January, ‘Love Gets Lost’ explores the flipside of songwriter Bennie Reilly’s dual themes: “the nature of love” as opposed to the “love of nature”.

The band’s harmonic roles are ever-present and there’s a playful gait thanks to the glockenspiel and Rory Grubb lending his talents on his own ceramophone instrument while the bass keeps the track rolling along to the soothing vocal sentiments.


Friday September 26: Whelan’s upstairs, Night Howl (w/ Tell No Foxx)
Friday October 3: HWCH, Dublin

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