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Monjola & Aby Coulibaly collaborate on ‘where u at’

Monjola & Aby Coulibaly collaborate on ‘where u at’

Two of the breakthrough Irish artists of the last year or so, Dublin-based modern R&B artists and Chamomile Records labelmates Monjola and Aby Coulibaly have collaborated on a song together.

‘Where u at’ is a song produced by Chamomile’s Moya that wonders aloud about what the friend you’ve not seen for a while is up to.

“This song is about how friendships change over time, everyone gets caught up with life and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the people that matter to you. But no matter how long you go without seeing them or speaking to them, once you meet up it’s back to the way it was.”


Saibh Downes interviewed Aby for Nialler9 last month and both Monjola and Aby did Boiler Room recently.