Nialler9′s Readers’ Poll 2012 results: Irish albums of the year

Artwork/wallpaper by Gianni.
Artwork/wallpaper by Gianni.
We’ve had the best EPs, remixes, videos, new artists and songs in Irish music as chosen by you (plus my own choices) but here’s the big one, the top 25 Irish albums of the year. Previous winning albums in the readers’ poll in the last six years include: Jape’s Ocean Of Frequency and Ritual, Villagers’ Becoming A Jackal, Super Extra Bonus Party’s LP, Patrick Kelleher’s You Look Cold and Si Schreoder’s Coping Mechanisms

I hope you find something you missed throughout the year. Delve in. Spotify and Deezer playlists of all available albums at the end of the post.

25. Sea PinksFreak Waves

Sea Pinks

24. Ghost EstatesGhost Estates

Ghost Estates

23. GinnelsCrowns


22. Lethal DialectLD50 Part II


21. Seamus FogartyGod Damn You Mountain


20. BantumLegion


19. LogikpartyOh Cult!

Listen to the album.

18. Sunken FoalFriday Syndrome Vol. 1

Sunken Foal

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