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Oxegen – I ain’t going back to my old school

So Oxegen has officially announced a line-up that includes Arcade Fire, Muse (shudder), Snow Patrol (double shudder), Daft Punk, Razorlight, Bloc Party, Kings Of Leon, Interpol, Tori Amos, Amy Winehouse, CSS, The Fratellis, The Kooks, Babyshambles ( No festival is complete without forty NME *hopefuls* ), Klaxons, James Morrison, The Goo Goo Dolls (LOL!) The Immediate, Channel One and My Chemical Romance (OMFG!).

I feel a twinge of anger that Arcade Fire are tempting me to Oxegen again (It would be 7 years straight) but then I remember I’m seeing them in 10 days so unless the ground shakes and the skies split I won’t be going. Sorry if you didn’t personally get tickets. Although seeing the theatrical MCR would be total ROFL but then I think of the kids with their “MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE SAVED MY LIFE!” battles cries and realise there’s no way I’d choose to be surrounded by 40,000 of them.

, Oxegen – I ain’t going back to my old school

If James Murphy confirms LCD Soundsystem for Oxegen though then I’m going to have to personally hunt him down and hurt him. 🙂

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