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Oxegen – I ain’t going back to my old school

Oxegen – I ain’t going back to my old school

So Oxegen has officially announced a line-up that includes Arcade Fire, Muse (shudder), Snow Patrol (double shudder), Daft Punk, Razorlight, Bloc Party, Kings Of Leon, Interpol, Tori Amos, Amy Winehouse, CSS, The Fratellis, The Kooks, Babyshambles ( No festival is complete without forty NME *hopefuls* ), Klaxons, James Morrison, The Goo Goo Dolls (LOL!) The Immediate, Channel One and My Chemical Romance (OMFG!).

I feel a twinge of anger that Arcade Fire are tempting me to Oxegen again (It would be 7 years straight) but then I remember I’m seeing them in 10 days so unless the ground shakes and the skies split I won’t be going. Sorry if you didn’t personally get tickets. Although seeing the theatrical MCR would be total ROFL but then I think of the kids with their “MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE SAVED MY LIFE!” battles cries and realise there’s no way I’d choose to be surrounded by 40,000 of them.


If James Murphy confirms LCD Soundsystem for Oxegen though then I’m going to have to personally hunt him down and hurt him. 🙂

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