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Premiere: Jackie Beverly summons 80s nostalgia in ‘Talk It Through’

Premiere: Jackie Beverly summons 80s nostalgia in ‘Talk It Through’

Jackie Beverly is a new Dublin based artist self described as electro-folk.

The singer-songwriter first piqued our attention with her single ‘Out Of Reasons’ last year which boasted lush soundscapes and synth infused melodies that we liked a lot.

‘Talk It Through’ follows in similar high calibre steps to its predecessor. It opens with  prominent sawtooth synth under a bright lead melody before Beverly’s voice enters, drenched in reverb and summoning real 80s vibes.

Produced and recorded by Darragh Nolan of Asta Kalapa Studio and Joseph Panama, the track rises and falls in all the right places and maintains a real sense of tension in the building percussion rhythms, which rise and rise never to reach their full resolve.

This is consistent with the sentiment of the song, with Beverly explaining that:

“‘Talk it Through’ explores the complexities of love: the heartbreak of a dying relationship and the determination of trying to keep it alive. I wanted to venture into the difficult aspects of loving someone, and tease out the idea that it’s possible to break through and recover something that might seem lost if you’re willing to try hard enough.”

It’s a sound that we haven’t heard much of in Dublin for some time, and it marks a very strong start to 2019 for Beverly.

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