, Premiere: Poolbeg Chimneys are the perfect backdrop in video for Cinema’s new single ‘Temptation’

Kildare producer Peter Fleming’s Cinema project has been the source of some of our favourite Irish dance music over the past few years.

Cinema’s 2016 A Night Train To Budapest was an immersive body of music, deserving of more recognition that it probably received.

Fleming has been busy writing and preparing for the next release, with a notable quiet period following the release of ‘Caught Up‘ last year.

That changes today. Premiering on the site is the video for Cinema’s new single ‘Temptation’.

The self-directed shoot provides the perfect visuals for the track, shot in bright, clear lighting along Dublin’s coastline. The Poolbeg Chimneys provide the backdrop just as the song begins to peak.

Fleming’s attention to production detail remains immaculate, with the mix on’Temptation’ feeling lush yet not overcrowded. Some UK inspired drum programming provides motion and intensity, the perfect counterbalance to the dense bass line.

2019 seems set to be a big year for Cinema, with tunes and videos this strong it’s easy to imagine why.