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Rejjie Snow – ‘Loveleen’

Rejjie Snow – ‘Loveleen’


After teaming up with Paris producer Andrea, and acting the albino on ‘Lost In Empathy’, Rejjie Snow is back with his debut EP proper Rejovich on June 24th, on the Kaya Kaya label.

The five track EP leads with ‘Loveleen’, a downbeat piano and beat track that has the hook “money / bitches / hoes/ greed / pussy / lord knows” and has Rejjie finding his own voice on the subsequent two and a half minutes. The rest of the EP features collaborators Jesse James and Loyle Carner.

Rejovich EP track list

1. Loveleen
2. Snow (My Rap Song)
4. 1992
5. Olga (1984)