Relive the last hour at District 8 with Sunil Sharpe’s live recording from the night


It’s only right that Sunil Sharpe, one of Ireland’s premier ambassadors of dance music, got the honour of playing the final ever set at District 8.

The night, which ran well past the 3am close time, was an emotional affair. Not that Sunil’s set was all that sentimental. Listening through the mix, made available on the DJ’s SoundCloud page, makes for a bit of a tour through some of the hardest techno music known to man.

There is a little tip of the hat at the end courtesy of the Travelling Wilburys, so keep your ears peeled. And that final number? ‘Perfect Day’ by The Visions of Shiva.

The mix was recorded by Mr Spring & RTÉ 2fm.

As bittersweet a listen as it is, Sunil’s set is a fitting tribute to what was the country’s most prestigious dance venue. It’s recording will surely serve as a monolith and testament to the invaluable contribution it made to Irish nightlife and dance culture.

Feel passionately about District 8’s closure? Support the Give Us The Night campaign.