, The Riptide Movement, Stomptown Brass, King Kong Company and more for Salty Dog @ Electric Picnic

The Salty Dog at Electric Picnic is a sideways pirate shipwreck cum stage that hosts a weekend of entertainment at the edge of the woods.

They’ve just announced who is playing there this year and it will feature:

King Kong Company
The Riptide Movement
Mad Dog Mccrea
Rsag And Special Guests
Opera Theatre Company
Charity Shop Mannequins: Graeme Hopkins’ Chicago And Louisiana Bluesmen Square Pegs
Buffalo Sunn
Aidan Kavanagh’s Bollywood Set
Beached Whales
Jawbone Folk
Seskin Lane
Columbia Mills
The Trinitones
Stomptown Brass
The New Breadwinners
The Urges
The Mighty Stef
Oliver Cole
The River Fane
The Great Simones
Salty Dog All-Stars
Old Hannah
The Darling Buds
Beatbox Ireland
Will Softly
Mal Webb
Plus Three Top Secret Gigs

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