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Skinner has made 2016’s definitive album about skulling cans and smoking rollies

When the world seems to be turning madder with each passing day, sometimes you need to focus and vent on the little things as a form of escape.

19 year-old lad Skinner who lives “just outside Dublin” is young enough to care only about those small things: getting wrecked, not finding a decent seat on the bus, getting caught by a bouncer with cans, having shit nights out, boredom and skulling Tesco cans.

Musically, its a jangly lo-fi indie record that recalls King Krule in a shite mood. It was recorded in his bedroom ( you can tell at times like on ‘Lad Shit’).

It encapsulates that frustrating transition period between school and adulthood when all you care about is how many skins you have left.

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