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Tara Stewart’s top tracks of 2019

Tara Stewart’s top tracks of 2019

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RTE 2FM music presenter, DJ and sustainability fashion podcaster Tara Stewart on the tracks that made her year.


Ella Mai – Boo’d Up

Ella Mai - Boo'd Up

This woman is a serious talent, she’s the kind of singer that could literally sing the back of a cereal box and I’d think it was the best thing since sliced bread. Every track she releases is so good and this song in particular actually won a Grammy and right now she is huge in the US and UK but still making her way around us here in Ireland and Europe.
I expect she is going to be really huge in the next couple of years.


Muna – Number One Fan

MUNA - Number One Fan (Official Video)

I won’t lie I didn’t know about Muna till this year although they have been knocking around since 2013. I’m a bit morto to say how many times I’ve listened to this song, but this made me fall back in love with that grungy ’90s sound of No Doubt and Hole. I listened to their new record while painting recently… I know, the absolute notions out of me. But honestly it was the most calming two hours I think i’ve had all year. ‘Number One Fan’ is still my favourite track off it and they’re just so cool too.


Denzel Curry – RICKY

Denzel Curry - RICKY

When I heard thing song it had just dropped after my show, I listened to it on the bus and was like WOW what the f**k this is HUGE. I remember meeting Mango for a pint in the Long Hall that night and literally made him listen to it there and then I was so obsessed! This song is the ultimate for going to work in the morning, in a sweaty club or in the gym.


Normani – Motivation

Normani - Motivation (Official Video)

Omg Normani!!! This legend killed me when she literally exploded into pop stardom with her debut solo song. She was in Fifth Harmony but they are off doing their bits now. ‘Motivation’ really flew because of the music video, don’t get me wrong the song is a pumper. But I think I died when I saw the talent of her vocals and dancing, it felt like seeing a new Beyonce or Lady Gaga in the works.


Ari Lennox – BMO

Ari Lennox - BMO (Official Music Video)

I don’t think I’ve heard a vocal like Ari’s before. It’s so incredibly unusual. Signed by J.Cole, thank god he did! I do think she has been snubbed this year with her record Shea Butter Baby. The album is incredible from start to finish and I wish she got some more recognition. But hopefully 2020 is great for her.


Bobbi Arlo – Berries

Bobbi Arlo - Berries

This is a late addition! Bobbi is a newbie on the scene, 21 from Dublin and has been doing backing vocals for the likes of Tebi Rex. But now it’s her time to shine and this track is BEAMING. Berries is just a great earworm and produced so well. I’m really excited for Bobbi, I think next year is going to be really good to her.


James Blake – Barefoot in the Park

James Blake - Barefoot In The Park feat. Rosalía (Official Video)

I have always been into James Blake but his new album Assume Form changed things for me. I think it’s his best album to date. This song in particular because Rosalia is just an angel from heaven, it samples an old Irish folk song and it’s just so haunting and gorgeous.


Koffee – Toast

Koffee - Toast (Official Video)

It’s mad she is only 19 and is huge in the UK scene at the moment and her home of Jamaica. This track feels so simple but it just makes you feel so happy when you listen to it.


Roisin Murphy – Narcissus

Róisín Murphy - Narcissus (Official Video)

The Irish Queen Roisin!! How could I not add this? The production is incredible and I think it could be one of my favourites from her now.

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