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The Redneck Manifesto announce new album The How; hear ‘Djin Chin’

The Redneck Manifesto announce new album The How; hear ‘Djin Chin’


The Redneck Manifesto may be marking their 20th year in existence with a headline show at Vicar Street on November 30th but their return is not for nostalgia’s sake alone.

As well as a marker of longevity, the band have a new record entitled The How out on the very same day on 251 Records for which, a nice band blurb is below. Nice.

‘Djin Chin’ is our first listen to this new release, the followup to the band’s Friendship album in 2010 and it’s just good to have the six-piece back in the fold, like an instrumental head-nodding warm hug. I’ve been reading the Beastie Boys Book this past week and something in the way that the Rednecks communicate with each other reminds me of that distinct kind of close friendship. It’s alchemic and can’t be replicated easily. Welcome back, The Rednecks.

The Redneck Manifesto - Djin Chin

Their show in Vicar Street on November 30th will also feature New Jackson and the Dublin Guitar Quartet. Tickets here.

TRM – The How
What is ‘The How’? ‘The How’ is the sound of six people listening. Six people finding the space in which to speak without interrupting. Six people finding a layer to add to a topography. It is considered, hundreds of times over considered, no riff or sound accepted unless it fits strict criteria. How does a piece become part of a jigsaw? That is ‘The How’ indeed.

20 years of creating a new language together, the wordless language that all bands come to know, a siblinghood of nods and head shakes, hours of, ‘hang on I think I have it’, evenings drinking tea listening to iPhone recordings, whittling and listening, head scratches, ‘is that me playing that?’, muscle memory, refining, taking away instead of adding but always listening, listening and then one evening it doesn’t need to be thought about anymore, it is done.

The How was recorded in Attica Audio with David Odlum (Tinariwen, Dublin Guitar Quartet, The Wedding Present), Karl Odlum (Cian Nugent, David Kitt ) and Tommy McLaughlin (Villagers, Soak). The How was mixed at Black Box Studios by David Odlum. The How was mastered by Steve Fallone (The War on Drugs, Tame Impala, David Byrne) at Sterling Sound New York.

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