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This is not a joke

This is not a joke

“Beyond the Horizoooooone”
I don’t think this was meant to be so intentionally funny. Zander or Zoolander? I don’t know what was more inspirational – Zander running with the children in slo-motion or Zander feeding the goats?

Press release blurb:

Leave it to a talent like Zander Bleck to use his entrepreneurial skills, model looks, and amazing vocals, to create innovative and inspirational tunes and music videos that are generating quite a stir worldwide. Zander Bleck has blended his powerful singing and songwriting talent with the top production of Adam Longlands to create a phenomenal mix of vintage rock, pop and electronic sounds.
A fresh fusion of club dance beats, British pop, and timeless rock, Zander Bleck offers an unconventional and refreshing style of music for listeners of every age and musical preference. Zander’s vocal talent resonates with artists like Bono and Chris Martin, and his music is energetic, infectious and distinctly a sound of his own. We would love to be a part of your blog.

Ooh you’re a part of my blog alright Zander. I can’t believe people still make music like this.