, This Open Ear documentary takes you behind the scenes of one of Ireland’s best small festivals

Open Ear festival returns to Cork’s own Sherkin Island this year on May 30th. The intimate festival boasts an impressive lineup featuring high-quality experimental acts from home and abroad.

This new video, filmed and directed by Joseph Ingersoll, offers the viewer an insight into the creative ethos behind the festival and showcases the idyllic grounds of Sherkin Island.

Open Ear is clearly a music lover’s festival, placing its focus largely on providing leftfield acts for its audiences and cautiously curating the spaces in which these performances take place.

If you feel a bit moved by the love and attention Open Ear’s organisers clearly instil into the festival goers experience, you should consider buying a ticket and heading down to Sherkin island this year.

Open Ear festival takes place from May 30th – June 3rd on Sherkin Island, Cork. Tickets, at €155+, are on sale now here.

small change to credits:


Filmed and directed by Joseph Ingersoll
Edited by Alec Moore
Sound design By Ricky Tucker
Open Ear.gifs by Micheal Stephens
Camping Trip photography by Jay Kelly
Drone footage by Stori Creative
Script by Kenny Hanlon
Voice Over by Chris Chapman