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Watch Denise Chaila’s video for ‘Chaila’

Watch Denise Chaila’s video for ‘Chaila’


The video for rising South East all-star Denise Chaila’s ‘Chaila’, which we premiered here recently, has dropped.

The clip was directed by Mark Logan and produced by COLLECTiVE Films. Logan told Paste:

“At the beginning of the creative process, Denise told me that the name ‘Chaila’ for her is like a ‘self-invented nomadic clan.’ It was a surname instated by her grandfather when he took his middle name as his last name after he left his hometown in pursuit of the woman he loved, who later became his wife and the mother of his children.

“I personally believe we are all creators of ourselves and for this video I wanted to draw influence from the East, the beat that MuRli (the song’s producer) made transported me there—so the set and design are in response to that.