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Watch Sorca Ships’ new project Wounded Healer perform ‘Panic About Love’

Watch Sorca Ships’ new project Wounded Healer perform ‘Panic About Love’

Wounded Healer -  Panic About Love

Ships are one of my favourite Irish bands of the last few years. They have released one of my favourite songs of the last few years and I always enjoy their live shows. While the band are taking their time in the release department and are busy with other things, Sorca McGrath has been working on a new music project of her own.

Wounded Healer is an attempt by McGrath to channel her own creativity through the music process, from writing the music to producing, to recording to mixing. More spacious and slower than Ships, the Wounded Healer EP comes out on This Greedy Pig’s label The Pig’s Ear. Watch Sorca and her friends perform the EP’s first track ‘Panic About Love’ in the National Concert Hall’s rehearsal space.

“The Wounded Healer moniker represents the rupture and repair we need to heal, learn and allow new things to emerge. Embracing words that both repel and attract me, it’s an effort to accept the light and shadow side of myself. I see so much polarising in the world around us, with such a concentration on making a villain of the ‘other’, so I want to embrace both sides to begin the process of understanding that we are all these things. These songs are about noticing these patterns and making changes from within.”

The three-track EP is now on Bandcamp, iTunes and more

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