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How to write an “internetspeak” rock hit

How to write an “internetspeak” rock hit


“Baby let’s abbreviate tonight… “

Now that LOL and OMG are in the English dictionary song-writers can feel free to use them in their compositions right? Well, no. Modern audiences don’t want songs made up of slang words, it’s gimmicky. It was cringeworthy when Britney Spears did it, when Brittney Cleary did it with ‘I.M. Me’ and even Usher had the good sense not to actually say OMG and there’s been others (comments please). But that didn’t stop Mayo band Nineguage using as many internet slang /chatspeak words as they could in their song ‘LOL’.

‘LOL’ contains the following lyrics:

“I feel the buzz when I get your text / See you l8r xox”
“LOL / Laugh Out Loud and dance like hell / Cos OMG / The night is young and so are we / WTF? / Shake your body to the left and right / Baby let’s abbreviate tonight… ”
“During the week it’s like FML / When I’m not with you honey I’m in hell..”

The band are really going for the leetspeak market. They also have songs called ‘Put it On Youtube’ and ‘Star Wars Girl’. Ninegauge – viral fame awaits. Well done sirs. Here they are on Facebook.