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Ending the four part series this week, in which various artists, media and music fans I trust answer the question: “What are your five best new musical discoveries of the year?” Their answers were then rummaged through by me and I picked a cross-section list of 40 of the most interesting, diverse new artists, in no particular order, from their choices.

Thanks to Muiris Dunworth for creating a Spotify playlist of 34 of the artists. A Deezer version is here.

31. Haim

From: Los Angeles.
Chosen by: Jim Carroll.

Los Angeles appears to be having a post-Foster the People moment of late with a slew of great acts playing lush pop coming to our attention from out there including The Neighbourhood, NO, Sr Sly and Wildcat! Wildcat! We dig Haim most of all, three sisters whose releases to date show they have a sure touch when it comes to an alluring mix of rock, pop and old-school r’n’b. Live, they’re a lot more unruly with the sparkling harmonies and infectious melodies getting amped up to 11. (Jim Carroll)