After planning application leaks earlier this week, we now have confirmation that two of those Malahide Castle shows are going ahead.

LCD Soundsystem will play Malahide Castle, Dublin on June 5th 2018 & tickets are on sale next Friday at 9am from €69.50 + fees From Ticketmaster.

Meanwhile, he’s at Samhain this weekend but Liam Gallagher will be the king of Malahide Castle on Friday June 15th next year. Tickets on sale next Friday at 9am priced €49.50 +fees.

Keep an eye out for that Gorillaz show perhaps soon.

Posted on October 27th, 2017


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Some notable TV music broadcasts from the last day?

LCD performed ‘Tonite’ on Jimmy Kimmel’s show from New York:

Jools Holland had a notable lineup this week with Grizzly Bear, SZA, King Krule and Wolf Alice among the performers.

The Ooz-loving songwriter slimed his way through ‘Dum Surfer’ live from Jools:

SZA did ‘Normal Girl’ from her excellent album (and one of 2017’s best CTRL)

Grizzly Bear did ‘Mourning Sound’ from their new album:

Wolf Alice performed ‘Just Delete The Kisses’ from their superb new album:

New band on the rise who are made up of seven friends from all over the globe – Superorganism played ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D.’ for the BBC :

Bonus? St Vincent covered ‘London Calling’ by The Clash for BBC Radio 1 along with new Masseduction songs ‘New York’ and ‘Los Ageless’.

Posted on October 18th, 2017

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After all the goodbyes and last hurrahs, LCD Soundsystem’s seven-year itch is over. And so the unlikely frontman, the jaded rock star, the studio nerd who was never supposed to be part of the narrative returns to take his place in the limelight.

If there’s a short-hand for how American Dream is different to the three albums that go before it, it’s that the weariness has overtaken the witticisms. Murphy is the first to point out he’s the ageing performer, he’s been losing his edge since 2001. On American Dream he has embraced his lack of youth, it dominates him, it defines him but it allows him to not do people expected or wanted from LCD Soundsystem. This isn’t a record for you and all your friends to dance around to.

But it’s also not a complete American Drag. Murphy’s world fatigue informs the writing while musically, there are different shades of LCD at play. There’s not as many high-tempo sonic sarks as before but the worst thing in reality would be for American Dream to feel like a beats on repeat on retread. Tracks like ‘Other Voices’ and ‘Change Yr Mind’ are part of the LCD formula and are welcome here because of it but there are enough new textures present for American Dream to stand on its own.

The album whirls into life with ‘Oh Baby’ a Suicide-esque dream state and while jarring on first listens, it’s a perfect intro, a soft-hued step back into the suit. Murphy was always informed as much by the weight of music history with its central core rooted in NYC and American Dream is fleshed out with more nods to rock influences than before including the punky guitar squall on both ‘Change Yr Mind’ and “Other Voices’ and the Davie Bowie-sounding ‘Call The Police’.

Bowie is central to the album. His influence, his friendship, his importance, his shadow passing, is explored on the closing 12-minute track ‘Black Screen’. Bowie told Murphy to work on music and to make himself uncomfortable in doing so and it’s one of the reasons American Dream exists. At the same time, Murphy felt inadequate working with such a figure and the regret is palpable (“So I stopped turning up / My hands kept pushing down / In my pockets / I’m bad with people things / But I should have tried more”).

Murphy’s ode to Bowie acknowledges his celestial stature yet is a personal look in the mirror. The song deepens into an interstellar pulse towards its close, seeking the BlackStar himself as gorgeous piano notes twinkle to the end. It’s a fitting elegy as well as a decompression on an album that at times feels wound up by mortality. Not even David fucking Bowie was immortal so what chance does James Murphy have?

Murphy is frequently too fatalistic about his own prospects. He’s an overthinking overachiever always questioning his perception in the world. He can barely get out of bed in ‘Change Yr Mind’ (And I’m not dangerous now The way I used to be once / I’m just too old for it now / At least that seems to be true’).

When he goes too far and calls out someone specific in the negative, it channels the worst of rock’n’roll’s excess. ‘How Do You Sleep’ may or may not be about former DFA man Tim Goldsworthy who turned his back on the label and thus, Murphy, but the song hits a level of indulgent whining that leaves too bad a taste in the mouth. Musically, the song moves from tribal drums and atmosphere to a synth-banger but Murphy’s wrangling about cocaine and accusations of “impermanence” are petty enough to want to press the skip button.

“So get up and stop your complaining / You know that you’re the only one who’s been destroying all the fun,” he sings on ‘American Dream’ and on the electric pop culture-jabbing ‘Tonite’, which has the sharpest lyrics on the record (and a great addition to the song about songs category), he decides that ageing doesn’t have to be a binary narrative accepting one singular fate towards the end.

“You’re missing a party that you’ll never get over / You hate the idea that you’re wasting your youth / That you stood in the background oh until you got older / But that’s all lies.”

American Dream is proof that there is surprising late-era life in Murphy’s middle-aged ramblings and maybe, he should stop worrying so much.

Listen on Spotify

Posted on September 1st, 2017



This is only a selection of new music – dig into more or follow the Spotify playlists.

Nialler9 Weekly playlist


LCD Soundsystem – Tonite

This is it. This is the excitement we’ve been waiting for. Ok, it’s a jaded excitement but it’s LCD sonically and lyrically encapsulating their whole deal in one track. Ever the ageing outsider, Murphy ruminates on the current pop landscape’s monoculture that peddles limited edition sneakers before turning it back on himself “And what’s it you do again?
Oh I’m a reminder / The hobbled veteran of the disk shop inquisition”. He’s still losing his edge and recognises he sounds like his mother. The generation gap is stark.

“You’ve lost your internet and we’ve lost our memories / We had a paper trail that led to our secrets / But embarrassing pictures have now all been deleted / By versions of selves that we thought were the best ones
‘Till versions of versions of others repeating / Come laughing at everything you thought was important / While still making mistakes that you thought you had learned from.”

In the end, Murphy suggests the culture prioritises the youthful superstars is a false narrative but offers a hopeful alternative narrative for living.

“You’re missing a party that you’ll never get over / You hate the idea that you’re wasting your youth / That you stood in the background oh until you got older / But that’s all lies.”

It’s not over and Murphy’s own “late era middle-aged ramblings” is proof.


Alex Cameron & Angel Olsen – Stranger’s Kiss

A classic-sounding collaboration that has a curtain-closer feel. Olsen is the real star once she appears giving the tune a lift beyond the norm. Nice video featuring Girls actress Jemima Kirke too.


James Holden & The Animal Spirits – Pass Through The Fire

It’s been a while since anything from Mr Holden has grabbed my ears. ‘ Pass Through The Fire’ is a discombobulating building track recorded with his new band The Animal Spirits. Holden will no longer be DJing so this is the new phase of his career and it’s a nu-jazz brass and wind modular synth folk /trance workout constructed live with the band Tom Page (RocketNumberNine), Etienne Jaumet, Marcus Hamblett, Liza Bec and Lascelle Gordon – have shared lead single ‘Pass Through The Fire’.


Confidence Man – Boyfriend (Repeat)

One of those novelty-lite talky songs that would have gone down well at the indie-disco, ‘Boyfriend Repeat’ is a fun and funky pop song from an Australian four-piece.


Julien Baker – Appointments

21 year-old Memphis songwriter Julien Baker’s debut was reissued on Matador earlier this year and now we had news of her newest Turn Out The Lights on October 27th. ‘Appointments’ is a torch-burning hopeful highlight. Baker plays Dublin in November.


Four Tet – the one with a load of random symbols

I’m not sure where I’ve heard this before but it was posted under a load of random symbols on Spotify this week. It’s not the other track on the new limited 12″ release with ‘Planet’ on it, that’s ‘SW9 SSL’ Just don’t ask me what it’s called.


Daughter – Burn It Down

Surprise! Daughter are doing the score for a video game. Not totally expected perhaps but their music is ambient-leaning and Florence And The Machine worked with Square Enix and Final Fantasy before so it’s has precedence. The band’s soundtrack for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm will be released as Music from Before the Storm will be released on September 1.


The Horrors – Something To Remember Me By

The Horrors are at their best when they bring rock textures with more hypnotic elements and this new song from their fifth album V (Sept 22) does just that. It’s a bit New Order, a bit Caribou.


Ardyn – Throwing Stones

After this Gloucestershire duo’s last song had a Fleetwood Mac vibe, their newest continues the trend of sounding like classic artist with Kate Bush being the most obvious touchstone. It was produced by Tourist (they feature on his new single) and the sense of foreboding common from watching Hitchcock’s The Birds.


Anna Of The North – Money

From the new album from the Norwegian-Kiwi duo of Anna Lotterud and Brady Daniell-Smith out September 8, ‘Money’ is a warning to a friend, or ex about a coin-sucking lover.

3 New Music flavours:

All song added in the past week: Nialler9 Weekly.

The larger three-month New Music Playlist.

New Irish Music Playlist

Check out the regularly updated Spotify playlists.

Posted on August 17th, 2017

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After the somewhat disconcerting artwork, we were approaching LCD Soundsystem’s new album with some trepidation but new song ‘Tonite’ is an absolute banger, a song that takes its cue from label mate Shit Robot’s synth charge with James Murphy in fine rambling form, or “with my own late era middle-aged ramblings” or alternatively, “The hobbled veteran of the disk shop inquisition.”

American Dream is out September 1. ‘Tonite’ is on the Nialler9 New Music Playlist.

Here’s ‘Call The Police’ and ‘American Dream’.

In anticipation for what will hopefully be a very good album, Lumo Club’s second room on August 26th will host an LCD Appreciation party by Distortion featuring Music from LCD, DFA and NYC.

Tonite lyrics

Everybody’s singing the same song
It goes “tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight”
I never realized these artists thought so much about dying

But truth be told we all have the same end
Could make you cry, cry, cry, cry, cry
But I’m telling you
This is the best news you’re getting all week

Oh sure it’s ruined the airwaves
What remains of the airwaves
And we’re frankly thankful for the market psychology you’re hipping us to

And all the hits are saying the same thing
There’s only tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight
And life is finite
But shit it feels like forever
It feels like forever

Is everybody feeling the same stuff
We’re all wild
Except for you
And you know who you are
This is a love song

You’re getting older
I promise you this; you’re getting older
And there’s improvements unless
You’re such a winner
That the future’s a nightmare
And there’s nothing I can do
Nothing anyone can do about this

And oh, I’m offering you a chance to get even
But oh, you know very well the dialect of negation
Sure enemies haunt you with spit and derision
But friends are the ones who can put you in an exile
But that’s not right

And you’re too shocked to be used
Or you’re too shocked from being used
By these bullying children of the fabulous
Raffling off limited edition shoes

And what’s it you do again?
Oh I’m a reminder
The hobbled veteran of the disk shop inquisition
Set to parry the cocksure of men’s sick filth
With my own late era middle-aged ramblings
I said every lover favors the same things
It’s all touch me, touch me, touch me, touch me tonight
We maybe realize what it is we need before we die

And luck is always better than skill at things
We’re flying blind
Oh good gracious
I sound like my mom

But out of the little rooms and on to the streets
You’ve lost your internet and we’ve lost our memories
We had a paper trail that led to our secrets
But embarrassing pictures have now all been deleted
By versions of selves that we thought were the best ones
‘Till versions of versions of others repeating
Come laughing at everything you thought was important
While still making mistakes that you thought you had learned from
And reasonable people know better than you
That cost in the long run but they don’t know the short game
And terrible people know better than you
They’re used and abused of the once so dear listener
So you will be badgered and taunted until death
You’re missing a party that you’ll never get over
You hate the idea that you’re wasting your youth
That you stood in the background oh until you got older
But that’s all lies
That’s all lies

Posted on August 16th, 2017


“Please don’t fuck this up.”

That’s what LCD Soundsystem fans are probably thinking now after seeing the above artwork but hopefully it’s not indicative of the album’s quality. But it does look like something your cousin conceived for his rap project’s artwork after getting to grips with a cracked copy of Photoshop and some stock imagery.

Yes, LCD’s American Dream is up for pre-order on digital and vinyl with a cassette avaiable through DFA Records.

LCD Soundsystem – American Dream track list

  1. Oh Baby
  2. Other Voices
  3. I Used To
  4. Change Yr Mind
  5. How Do You Sleep?
  6. Tonite
  7. Call the Police
  8. American Dream
  9. Emotional Haircut
  10. Black Screen

Pre-Orders / DFA Store with all the extras like signed photos. (though US shipping rates from DFA are pretty high for European customers so maybe wait)

All of the Irish dates next month sold out in minutes last week.

In anticipation for what will hopefully be a very good album, Lumo Club’s second room on August 26th will host an LCD Appreciation party by Distortion featuring Music from LCD, DFA and NYC.

Posted on August 4th, 2017



Eh, yes.

LCD Soundsystem have been announced for 3 Dublin shows at the Olympia Theatre on Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th & Friday 29th September 2017.

Tickets go on sale at 9am this Friday 28th July via The three Olympia shows will be the band’s only Irish appearances this year.

Tickets for the dates will be priced from €54.50 inclusive of booking fee and restoration levy and will be available via from 9am on Friday 28 July.

The new album American Dream is out September 1st.

Listen to James Murphy play some tunes & chat to Annie Mac about DJing and almost producing Bowie

Posted on July 24th, 2017


LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy appeared on BBC Radio 1 with Annie Mac to play some tunes and chat.

They discuss how DJing is better when the DJ isn’t the focus (as Despacio does), how he was supposed to co-produce Bowie with Tony Visconti but “got overwhelmed”, how he had an email friendship with David Bowie and how he had planned to do a dancefloor edit of one of his songs but never got around to it before Bowie passed.

Here are the tunes he plays:

Posted on July 7th, 2017

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LCD Soundsystem have announced that their new album American Dream will be released on September 1st.

As well as that, the band have announced some UK and European dates in Glasgow, London, Manchester and Copenhagen in September. Highly unlikely they’d do another Irish show after the Picnic last year right?

All the European tour dates are below, with tickets on sale from LCD Soundystem from 9am this Wednesday 21 June.

Sep 08 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Vega
Sep 09 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Vega
Sep 11 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradiso
Sep 12 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradiso
Sep 13 – Paris, France – L’Olympia
Sep 14 – Paris, France – L’Olympia
Sep 16 – Manchester, United Kingdom – The Warehouse Project
Sep 17 – Manchester, United Kingdom – The Warehouse Project
Sep 19 – Glasgow, United Kingdom – The Barrowland Ballroom
Sep 22 – London, United Kingdo – mAlexandra Palace

American Dream tracklist

  1. oh baby
  2. other voices
  3. i used to
  4. change yr mind
  5. how do you sleep?
  6. tonite
  7. call the police
  8. american dream
  9. emotional haircut
  10. black screen

Posted on June 19th, 2017


LCD Soundsystem release two new songs on Friday, their first since announcing their comeback. On Saturday Night, the band played both ‘Call The Police’ and ‘American Dream’. Both songs have grown on me immensely since writing about them on Friday.

These two performances are great to watch because the band are clearly enjoying themselves. Even boss man Murphy looks to be having a good time in his own way.

Posted on May 8th, 2017


Is there any way two new songs, even in abrupt fashion, could live up to expectation? James Murphy’s LCD Soundsystem are the soundtrack to memories shared, a sly wink to the passage of time, of relationships in and out of focus as the world bounds on. Last year’s reunion shows rekindled those memories in gloriously staged disco-ball reality.

New music was promised and now here we are. ‘Call The Police’ and ‘American Dream’ could easily have been off-cuts from any part of the band’s discography, indellibly LCD.

“We all, we all, we all, we all know this is nothing,” sings Murphy on ‘Call The Police’ which feels like a nod to Talking Heads. The song is decidedly more of a traditional alt-rock song than most LCD songs, the openness of ‘All My Friends’ with Murphy’s always-tired wryness intact. “It moves like a virus and enters our skin / The first sign divides us, the second is moving to Berlin.” There are nods to the label DFA, Murphy’s time as an “unhappy punk”, and the song hurtles towards the full-band crescendo, weariness intact. “Yeah, call the police / You’re crazy, man.”

‘American Dream’ then is more of a dusted waltz. Synths and strings swirl as Murphy sings in melancholy tones. “So get up and stop your complaining / You know that you’re the only one who’s been destroying all the fun.” It’s a pep talk after a night out where you find yourself in someone else’s place.

These are good songs with substance, but only memories to be formed will really tell us of their stature.

Posted on May 5th, 2017


There are plenty of albums to look forward to in 2017 and here are just a few of them which don’t have release dates yet. I’ve also included a few which we likely won’t see this year – just so you’re prepared. See also – My top New Artists of 2017.


Possible Date: Summer 2017

It’s been three years since the Leeds band released their second album This Is All Yours, so time is ripe for another in 2017. Last August, drummer Thom Sonny Green told NME, the band had loads of ideas, which wasn’t exactly – “songs are written, we’re recording them and they’re sounding awesome,” but after a period where Green released a solo record, bassist Gus Unger-Hamilton opened a café in east London and singer Joe Newman featured on a Clams Casino track with Lil B, there are rumblings.

The band have posted pics from the studio including ones at Abbey Road where they were recording strings only last week.The band have announced festival dates this summer so a good guess would be around the time of June, when they start.

Caribou / Daphni

Possible Date: Late 2017 but more than likely 2018

Three years on from a career apex record Our Love and a song which dominated the summer and the rest of the year. Dan Snaith is DJing as Daphni a lot this year including Coachella so a new album from Caribou doesn’t feel likely at this moment (maybe a Daphni 12″ / single release though?)

Daniel Avery

Possible Date: Autumn 2017

After last year’s DJ Kicks, 2017 looks to be the year that Daniel Avery follows up his superb 2013 album Drone Logic, according to this tweet.

Empress Of

Possible Date: Summer / Autumn 2017

Loreley Rodriguez’ debut Empress Of album Of Me was followed up with a killer once-off single and one of the best songs of 2016 collaboration with Blood Orange – ‘Best Of You’, as well as one with Pional, so I really want a followup in 2017. This is more hopeful than concrete, though signs are good.

FKA Twigs

Possible Date: 2018

Tahliah Barnett’s debut LP1 came out in 2014 and she’s been plenty busy with dancing, documentaries, stage shows, a once of single, and a 2015 EP. Last week, though a Nike ad directed and made by her featured a new track produced Oneohtrix Point Never suggested something isn’t far away, tweet replies to fans suggest it won’t be til 2018. 🙁

Flying Lotus

Possible Date: Late 2017 but looking like 2018

A new album was promised in 2016 from the Brainfeeder boss but Stephen Ellison was working on his feature-length film debut Kuso (starring Hannibal Buress and Tim Heidecker), which will premiere at Sundance this year. He also scored a short too. It looks like we’re getting V, a Captain Murphy record some time this year, as ‘Crowned’ featured in the recent Adult Swim Singles club. As for Fly Lo, a Kuso some songs on the soundtrack may be all we get.

Future Islands

Possible Date: Summer / Autumn 2017

Three years on from their breakthrough album Singles, things are heating up with some dates at festivals like Bonaroo, Panorama and Coachella. Last year, Sam T. Herring collaborated with Badbadnotgood. Their last music was single ‘The Chase’ in 2015. An album is definitely on the way very very soon.


Possible Date: Summer / Autumn 2017

Grimes’ followup to Art Angels was halfway there last April ( “more chill vibes, downtempos, synth-y shit. That makes it sound boring. It’s not boring.”) and in a November interview, she said it would be “slow and reflective”.

“I’m really vibing on making something really slow and gorgeous that just breathes, and has room to breathe,” she explained. “I feel like my work has always been fast paced, kinetic, and almost just manic and I feel like for me the hardest thing I can do is make something that’s slow and heavy.”

Grizzly Bear

Possible Date: Spring 2017

Come on already. The Grizzlies’ last album was 2012’s Shields and a few years before, Jay Z and Beyoncé were showing up to their shows and a lot has changed in music since American indie folk was the dominant genre of choice, However in October, a tweet saying “Album 90 percent done. Last update until you hear it,” was posted. Any day now?


Possible Date: Summer 2017

Another album long overdue now. The LA sisters’ self-titled debut Days Are Gone dropped in 2013 and they even cancelled their appearance at music festivals last summer to finish it. It arrives this Summer.

Holy Ghost!

Possible Date: Autumn 2017

DFA Records’ disco dons Holy Ghost! will surely followup last year’s Crime Cutz EP with a third album, a followup to Dynamics. Alex Frankel released a solo EP last year too. I’ve a soft spot for these two.

Hundred Waters

Possible Date: Spring / Summer 2017

Gainesville Florida band Hundred Waters have made two stunning albums of folk and electronica thus far in their career and it looks like 2017 will see their third released. On Christmas day they posted (with a Neil Young cover) that they were finishing the album. Last year, they made a big remix with their label boss Skrillex and Chance The Rapper among others.

Jon Hopkins

Possible Date: Summer 2017

The followup to 2013’s Immunity is due this year according to Jon’s reply to a fan on Twitter. Yes. In the meantime, Hopkins plays piano on a track on the new Bonobo record.


Possible Date: Spring 2017

A followup to 2013’s Cut For Me mixtape after 2015’s Hallucination EP is on the cards (check out this Song Exploder about ‘Rewind’). In an interview with Dazed, Arca, Jam City, and Bok Bok are to be reprising their role as co-producers and Kelsey Lu, one of my picks for new artists of 2017 guests.

LCD Soundsystem

Possible Date: Summer or Autumn 2017

After last year’s triumphant live return, that promised LCD Soundsystem album is indeed on the way as James Murphy told someone on Facebook this weekin response – “Sure. still working on it, but it’ll be done soon. winter tends to mess with my voice, so finishing the thing drags out.”

Le Galaxie

Possible Date: Autumn 2017

The Dublin electro band’s third album is done and it likely to get a worldwide releasearound September time. Former Fight Like Apes’ singer MAy Kay is set to feature on six tracks too.

Little Dragon

Possible Date: Summer / Autumn 2017

The followup to Nabuma Rubberband from 2014 looks to be coming this year from the Swedish band. They are playing Coachella so that’s a good sign.

Mount Kimbie

Possible Date: Spring / Summer 2017

Mount Kimbie played some new songs at Metropolis Festival in November so it’s a safe bet a new one is coming to followup the brilliant 2013 album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth.

St. Vincent

Possible Date: Summer / Autumn 2017

Annie Clark promises “the deepest, boldest work I’ve ever done” on her new record which is inspired by the topsy-turvy world events of the last year. “I feel the playing field is really open for creative people to do whatever you want, and that risk will be rewarded – especially now that we have such high stakes from a political and geopolitical standpoint,” he told Guitar World (while managing to get a dig in on the cover). The last St. Vincent album came out in 2014.

Posted on January 18th, 2017

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Returning to Stradbally for Electric Picnic every year on the cusp of the seasons is like returning to your hometown at this point. Most things are in the place you expect, others have had a lick of paint and there are new attractions to check out, some gaudy and some just right.

Electric Picnic 2016 had more rain than recent editions which made it more challenging than previous years. And yes, the crowd are getting younger every year (ahem you’re getting older) which means watching thousands stream to and from pop shitehawk James Bay on Sunday afternoon. The branding on-site didn’t feel as obnoxious as last year, though an area like Logic e-Cigarettes needs more creative work. The extra 5,000 people were felt near the main stages for sure. Adding more people to a festival upsets the balance of the kinds of people that attend and it was disheartening to see so many tents left behind by people who should know better. It was heartening to see so many Repeal Project jumpers starting conversations with strangers about the need to repeal the law. It wasn’t simply a fashion accessory, it was a reason to open up.

My own M.O. at Electric Picnic has changed there from punter to reviewer to performer, which means seeing less live music than normal due to other engagements. Not to mention, missing out on all the other areas (we need a Mindfield festival so you can actually spend time there).

DJing in Red Bull Tropical Garden was fun indeed. Watching my wife Aoife McElwain bring the Body & Soul main stage back to life with Sing Along Social: Girl Power on Sunday afternoon was really restorative to tired bodies and lungs.

Sets from Mura Masa and Nao represented the new school of electronic pop & R&B, Broken Social Scene and Super Furry Animals represented my old-school with two nostalgic-filled Friday night sets, Skepta delivered a burst of energy on Sunday night; for a party covers band Attention Bebe keep getting better, Whitney offered a American country rock-tinged respite, Girls Names and Savages made glorious rackets, Adultrock brought outdoor rain dance electronica and John Talabot got the feet warmed up for Saturday night’s big finale.

The return of LCD Soundsystem to the Irish live stage could and should have only have taken place in Stradbally seeing as Murphy and the band have spent much time on stage there over the years (including Despacio last year). For the reunion show, there was no chance of the T In The Park travesty occurring. A midnight slot on the main stage on Saturday night with enough equipment for the coolest medium-sized studio on the planet was filmed from overhead during setup. When the players came on to utilise them, any studio chatter was abandoned. This was a celebration, a happening. A disco ball slowly rose behind the band’s first songs. James Murphy’s voice sounded sweeter and more commanding than ever. The band, seasoned players delivered ‘Us vs. Them’, ‘Tribulations’, ‘Yeah’, ‘Losing My Edge’, ‘All My Friends’ and many others in glittering colour and movement to match the huge production. The sound of silver, a setlist of dreams, a band improved with absence, that still beat and pulse with vitality.

Photos by Anna Kerslake.

Posted on September 6th, 2016


Artists: ,