Æ MAK Dances In The Kitchen on her own with a giddy kitsch pop song & forthcoming EP

After a 2019 that saw her collaborate with Le Boom, play for KEXP at Iceland Airwaves and tease songs like ‘Intro: Release Yourself’,  Æ MAK returns with a four-track of new material, the first of two EPs, ahead of the debut album.

Written, recorded and produced entirely by Aoife McCann during a locked down 2020, how to: make a kitsch pop song to show the world is the first EP of the two concept collections to be released on September 18th – “a kitsch pop EP made through 100% child’s play and solo belly laughs.”

Today, ‘I Dance In The Kitchen’ featuring Seba Safe is debuted to the world, a “giddy kitsch pop song” with a video by Tim Shearwood that also serves as an explanation of how the song came about (more below).

Can of Guinness?

I made this song for my friend Eleanor Jameson’s “HOW TO” zine which is launching this month

The creative process was inspired by the ethos of the zine which is to bring a little light into the world during this dark time through play and creativity. This furthermore inspired the EP concept.  

So for my contribution, I chose – “how to: make a kitsch pop song that nobody will hear” with a step by step guide

After the process I felt a massive sense of creative fulfillment and empowerment after self – producing a bunch of songs for the first time

The context freed me up and broke any sense of self construction and self doubt I had and I just made 

how to: make a kitsch pop song to show the world tracklist

1) i dance in the kitchen ( feat. seba safe )
2) forevermorereplay
3) wedding day
4) hey driver (!)

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