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ALYXIS premieres EP and video for ‘Chaos’ featuring ELLLL remix

ALYXIS premieres EP and video for ‘Chaos’ featuring ELLLL remix

The Multidisciplinary Irish artist Sal Stapleton has returned to this audio/visual project.

Formerly known as Bad Bones, Sal Stapleton’s ALYXIS project is a music and visual project that debuted an EP last year with two songs ‘Rush’ and ‘Mine’.

Alyxis is a non-binary entity that lives in XOIOXO, a digital ecosystem that can be seen in the visuals.

For the latest EP release, the eerie and atmospheric ‘Chaos’ with bass hits and pitch-shifted vocals leads a three-track release with remixes by Alyxis and ELLLL with the title track co-written by Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson aka CMAT. Mixed by Eomac

The video features XOIOXO world and was largely self produced by ALYXIS created using cinema 4D, Blender and the Unreal engine:

Chaos is inspired by a poem written by Emily Dickenson, I heard a Fly buzz – when I died – (591). ALYXIS ruminates on how we can attract chaos. Chaotic moments teach us important skills and life lessons, that can be a transformative period of growth.

The release was mastered by Enyang Ha and is released on the artist’s own co-op label DIAxDEM.

ALYXIS is a regular host on the label’s monthly showcase on Dublin Digital Radio.

Check out the full three-tracks:


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