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Autechre FACT mix / Dublin gig

Autechre FACT mix / Dublin gig


While I can’t say their new album Oversteps does anything for me at the moment (Autechre are mostly something to be appreciated not loved*) this rare FACT mix indeed does push all the right buttons.

A surefire mix of everything the duo love, it’s got hip-hop from the Wu Tang, Q-Tip to drill and bass, sub-quaking distortion and a metal song interlude. No tracklisting is available as yet. Autechre play The Button Factory with Rob Hall on April 23rd thanks to U:Mack.

MP3: FACT mix 122: Autechre

* Some individual tracks from Amber and Tri Repeatae are amazing examples of ’90s electronica at its best like Tri Repeatae’s ‘Clipper’:

MP3: Autechre – Clipper

Here is a related mix from Irish act Solen who mashed up The Wu-Tang with Autechre over the course of 30 minutes to breathless effect.

RAPIDSHARE ZIP: Solen – Wutechre mix

Also, remember the glorious headfuck of a video for ‘Gantz Graf’? See it after the jump.