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Pusha T – Daytona

 Pusha T had taken a leave of absence from music over the past few years, opting instead to focus on his role as president of G.O.O.D. MusicDaytona is his first full length studio release since 2015’s King Push, a record which while promising in spots, failed to deliver on Pusha’s full potential as a solo artist.

On Daytona, Push pairs up with label partner Kanye West to prove he’s still one of the most vital creative forces in hip-hop. There’s genuine chemistry between Ye’s instrumentals and Pusha’s lyrics, something which lacked in his previous releases. Check out ‘Come Back Baby’ for the best example of this. There’s underlying energy to the record that’s palpable, Push delivers his lines like it’s do or die. Coming in at just over twenty minutes, Daytona compensates for its brevity with content that never stops reminding you why Push is one of the best to over pick up a mic.


Father John Misty- God’s Favorite Customer

For a time there it seemed like Father John Misty had lost his way. Pure Comedy, the follow up to his much loved sophomore album I Love You Honey Bear, sounded vapid, like an artist struggling for a raison d’etre. Now the former Fleet Foxes man finds a return to form with God’s Favorite Customer.

This new album sees Tillman turn inwards once again, a welcome change for those who found the overly pessimistic life observations of his previous release exhausting. ‘Mr. Tillman’ gives the album some much needed context, detailing the artist’s descent into personal chaos during the troubled months he spent apart from his wife writing the record.  Album highlight ‘Please Don’t Die’ is a twisted take on a love song, combining Tillman’s ability to find humour in the morose with the sort of music you might hear in a Southern dive bar.


Natalie Prass – The Future And The Past

The Virginian singer-songwriter Natalie Prass has released The Future And The Past , her sophomore album and a project born of heartbreak. Having already written a follow up to her acclaimed debut release, Prass felt compelled to scrap the material following the 2016 presidential elections in America. Instead, Prass went back to well and returned with an album that questions how far gender equality has really come in the 21st century.

On ‘Sisters’, Prass sings of women who “try to work….. but they ain’t nothing but the shorter skirt” through gritted teeth. Musically, the album finds Prass evolving and expanding upon the sound she established on her debut release. The addition of full band accompaniment, with sliding bass grooves and funky guitars helps the vocals throw their weight around the record a little more. With lyrical content that ranges from expressive to scathing combined with the sort of sunny funk instrumentation you’d expect from an artist off Spacebomb Records, The Future And The Past is an album well worth your time.


Kanye West – Ye

At eight full solo albums deep into his career, many would guess that Kanye West might be struggling to find something to say creatively. On Ye, Kanye emphatically proves that this isn’t the case. Instead, listeners are treated to some of the most open and honest material the artist has ever produced. Removing the man from the music has become nigh on impossible with Kanye, so it’s a relief to hear him directly address the mental health issues and the various scandals which have plagued him as of late.

However, the results are at times very messy, which is often the case with Kanye’s work. There’s an unshakeably rushed feeling to the entire project which comes through in both the music and lyrics. The pitched vocal hook on ‘All Mine’ feels a little thin and the beat change in ‘I Thought About Killing You’ is beyond stiff. As always, there’s some highly questionable lyrics throughout the record, including the highly patriarchal and problematic ‘Violent Crimes’. While the stripped down production and brutally honest lyrics will disappoint those who prefer the myth, songs like ‘Wouldn’t Leave’ and ‘Ghost Town’ restore some much needed humanity to the complex man.


Oneohtrix Point Never – Age Of

Daniel Lopatin is nothing if not a prolific composer of music. At the age of just 35, he’s already released nine full studio albums under the moniker Oneohtrix Point Never. Signed to the weird and wonderful roster of Warp Records, Age Of finds Lopatin going further still into the realm of the avant garde. The album seems to take inspiration from the dissonant harmonies found on projects by Icelandic composer and Kiasmos member Olafur Arnalds. Take album opener and namesake ‘Age Of’ , which begins with a Baroque-era chord progression and then gradually mutates it into a dystopian howl. Age Of finds its unique voice in just how far Lopatin pushes his synth sounds. The second half of album highlight ‘The Station’ is the perfect example, with genuinely eerie synth parts. Definitely a challenging listen, but very rewarding for those brave enough to stick it.

Posted on June 7th, 2018


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Paul White – Returning

London – based pysch-hop producer Paul White has returned with his new album Rejuvenate . ‘Returning’, a track from the album, is an evolving piece of music. Beginning with loops of organic instrumentation, mostly guitars, the track adds layer upon layer until it becomes a swirling electronic opus. Having already done production duties for artists like Danny Brown, Charlie XCX and Open Mike Eagle, Paul White is a producer and composer well worth your attention.


Kelsey Lu – Shades Of Blue’

Following her debut long form release in 2016, North Carolinian artist Kelsey Lu has been steadily amassing a following of smitten fans. On her new single’Shades of Blue’, Lu has created a dreamy tune, chamber pop stripped to its bare essentials. Full of anguish and heartbreak, Lu’s vocal and lyrical performance is perfectly complimented by the earthy quality of the accompanying instrumentation. Lu was my new Artist of the Week in the Times.


Trevor Powers – Playwright

Former Youth Lagoon front man Trevor Powers has released a debut song by the artist under his own name. ‘Playwright’ is an excellent art pop song with nods to the Japanese music tradition. Accompanying the track is a stunning music video starring aquatic ballet group Aqualillies . Having just founded his own label Baby Halo, it’s safe to say we can expect to hear more from Powers in the very near future.


Mary Lattimore – Hello From The Edge Of The Earth

Renowned harpist Marry Lattimore unveiled her new track ‘Hello From The Edge Of The Earth’ this week. Having built her reputation on the dozens of appearances she’s made on various bands’ records, this solo enterprise is both beautiful and haunting. The sparse ambient electronic accompaniment Lattimore gives to the harp seem to further highlight the already pensive nature of the instrument. Lattimore’s new album Hundreds of Days is out May 18th on Ghostly International Ghostly Records.


Oneohtrix Point Never – Black Snow

Having earned a ton of attention and praise for his work on the Good Time movie soundtrack, Oneohtrix Point Never continues to push the envelope on just what electronic music iscan bewith his new single ‘Black Snow’. A sometimes strange mix of trap, dance and electric folk a la Bon Iver, ‘Black Snow’ is at once captivating and unnerving. One of the most experimental tracks you’ll hear all week. What else would you expect from an artist signed to Warp Records?


Post Malone – Rich & Sad

Born in New York, Post Malone first found success first as an emerging talent during the original SoundCloud rapper boom. His sophomore album Beerbongs & Bentleys, released this month, has been blowing up, charting some of the best commercial numbers of any album so far this year. It’s very hit and miss, but ‘Rich & Sad’ is a great example of why he’s so popular. A pop song with lots of borrowed trap elements, ‘Rich & Sad’ is both cleverly written and excellently produced.

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Todd Terje – ‘Maskindans’ (Feat. Det Gylne Triangel)

As the Norwegian electronic buzzer prepares album number two, he decided to cover a icy electro-punk song from Det Gylne Triangel who released his ‘Maskindans’ in 1982. Nearly 35 years later, Terje got Triangel, the original vocalist to appear on his version and in the process, he put some oily disco funk bass into the original while keeping its metallic sheen intact. Terje plays Dublin on Friday night in District 8.


GL – Destiny

The under-rated Melbourne electro-pop duo of Ella Thompson and Graeme Pogson return with a new single. The duo’s abilities to weave classic disco, funk and boogie textures into a modern track is evident.


Toro y Moi – ‘Girl Like You’

Chaz Bundick is now calling himself Chaz Bear and he’s returned to his Toro Y Moi project with a fifth album Boo Boo inspired by from Travis Scott and Frank Ocean to Oneohtrix Point Never (see below) and Daft Punk. ‘Girl Like You’ is an understated R&B inspired by those aforementioned artists use of space.


Oneohtrix Point Never – ‘The Pure And The Damned’ feat. Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop and Oneohtrix Point Never team up for this beautiful and brittle track from the film Good Time, which was received well at Cannes and stars Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Pop really channels his softer side here and it lifts the song like few others could.


Dioscó na mbó – ‘Are You Busy Enough?’

The Sligo band pop up to deliver a slanted and enchanted song built of analogue synth-funk grooves and vocal callback of the title.


Gordi – ‘Heaven I Know’

A young Australian artist with an album Reservoir on the way on Jagjaguwar (August 25th). Sophie Payten’s music for short-hand has some of the atmospheric epicness of the recent Bon Iver album who she supported in Dublin last Monday.


EMBRZ – ‘Higher’

A new single from the young Irish producer EMBRZ further demonstrates his EDM-leaning starry-eyed electronic sound.

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Posted on June 12th, 2017

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FKA Twigs directed, starred and dances in a new two-minute ad for Nike.

‘Do You Believe In More’ is a typically exotic clip from the performer. New song ‘Trust in Me’ with production from Oneohtrix Point Never features in the ad.

Her last song was ‘Good To Love’

The new ad is not the only piece of video or performance she’s been doing of late.

Last year, Baltimore Dance Project debuted on WeTransfer.

Soundtrack 7 movie was debuted at her residency at the Manchester International Festival.

All her recent work is collected on a recently-debuted new site https://fkatwi.gs, which also has a shop where you can buy FKA Twigs candles and this awesome tee:

Posted on January 11th, 2017


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Antony Hegarty recently provided vocals for ‘Indian Steps’, a track on Hudson Mohawke’s new album Lanterns.

It must have felt like a fruitful collaboration because Antony has called upon Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never to co-produce AHOHNI album HOPELESSNESS.

‘4 Degrees’ is the first single from the more electronic-orientated project and has some of that Hud Mo trademark grand brass with Antony addressing climate change.

It was debuted with the text referencing the upcoming Climate Change conference in Paris:

In solidarity with the climate conference in Paris,
giving myself a good hard look,
not my aspirations but my behaviors,
revealing my insidious complicity.

It’s a whole new world.

Let’s be brave and tell the truth as much as we can

There will be gigs featuring ANOHNI + Hudson Mohawke + Oneohtrix Point Never Live in 2016:
Fri. June 17 – Barcelona, ES @ SONAR
Tue. July 12 – Ostrava @ Colors of Ostrava
Fri. July 15 – Turin, IT @ Flowers Festival

Posted on December 1st, 2015

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Iceland has really shown other small countries (by other countries, I mean Ireland primarily) how to make yourself a music destination. With Airwaves keeping things lit in Reykjavik, ATP having touched down there earlier this year and now, recently Sonar has been taking itself north for a couple of years along with its regular spot Barcelona.

Sonar Reykjavík happens over four days in February at the Harpa Concert House from 16th to the 20th across the five-stages with a 3,500 capacity and so far, will feature:

Hudson Mohawke, Squarepusher, Holly Herndon, Oneohtrix Point Never, Rødhåd, Recondite, Black Madonna, AV AV AV and local acts Apparat Organ Quartet, Úlfur Úlfur , Sturla Atlas, Gangly, Skeng and The Vaginaboys.

More info on tickets €127+ each and stuff at http://www.sonarreykjavik.com.

Travel info from Icelandair. WowAir fly direct from Dublin.

Posted on October 15th, 2015


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