​With the return of Twin Peaks to our TV screens (I’ve really been enjoying the trip on a visual level and the multi-layered narrative), it seems like the right time then that a Lynchian event might take place.

The Twin Freaks Festival is a one-day event happening on the 12th of August in the Wicklow countryside (Ballyhook Hill, Grangecon) inspired by Lynch and all his creations.

Music, art, film and performance is promised with music coming from Katie Kim, Paddy Kelleher, Cobra Truth, Brian Conniffe and more.

Tickets on Sale now at €26 plus fees.

Event page

Katie Kim

Patrick Kelleher

Brian Conniffe

Posted on July 3rd, 2017


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The Outhouse is an LGBT resource centre on Capel Street in Dublin there to support those in the LGBT community, and for the third year in a row, a team of musicians and artists have co-oped Record Store Day, another day of community to bring both the communities of music and Outhouse together under the name Record Store Gay.

From noon on Saturday, Outhouse will host a series of bands who have provided tracks for the third Record Store Gay compilation including Kate’s Party, I Heart The Monster Hero, Patrick Kelleher, French Bird, The Late David Turpin, Gar Cox, Sleep Thieves, Lo Fires and many more. The mini music festival will continue later at PantiBar from 6pm – 10:30 on Capel St.

Donations will be accepted towards Outhouse where there will be a popup record stall and the compilation will also be for sale in local record shops for the day that’s in it.

But first, you can have an exclusive listen to the compilation which features Le Galaxie covering Visage’s ‘Fade To Grey’, Kate’s Party cover No Doubt’s ‘Just A Girl, Swimmers’ covering Aaliyah’s ‘More Than A Woman’, Cave Ghosts’ covering Kylie’s ‘Come Into My World’, Stephen Quinn’s ukelele cover of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Talking Bout A Revolution’, Crayonsmith tackling Lykke Li’s ‘I Follow Rivers’, Carriages reworking Madonna, I Heart The Monster Hero honouring Queen and more. Listen here:

There’s also a video for White Sage’s John Maus cover of ‘Rights For Gays’:

Posted on April 16th, 2014


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Dublin experimental ghost / slacker / disco / pop musician Patrick Kelleher is back with a new single ‘Put Out The Lights & Cry’, a seven minute synth pop apparition of a song. The video for the track (a four minute video version), by Bats’ Rupert Morris features Paddy doing his very best Lord Nelson impression. The track is out now on Bandcamp with a B-side, a remix by Brian Coniffe of ‘Gouge’ from his last record Golden Syrup.

Posted on November 5th, 2013




Our LGBT brothers and sisters are the focus of lots of attention at the moment, between retrograde homophobic attacks and the constitutional amendment to extend rights to same-sex couples. With important steps towards progress, there are still steps backwards. Being a young person is hard enough, being one who is seen as different from the majority is even harder. Which is why places like Outhouse are really important. The Capel Street centre in Dublin city offers support to the LGBT community. Last year 25,000 people visited the centre for advice.

Posted on April 17th, 2013


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Popical Island #3 – Listen to Side B

Side A of Popical Island #3 appeared for your streaming pleasure on Monday. 48 hours is just enough time for you to fit in a big digestable listen so Side B is now ready for your indie-pop gluttonous ears and it relies more on distortion pedals, singalong choruses, broken drumsticks, bass and drums being best mates, in-band disagreements and agreements; and a big squeeze of lo-fi rock dynamics.
Listen to the stream and see Saturday’s stage times…→

Posted on July 4th, 2012


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Another Record Store Day release, this one. a selection of six covers of doo wop songs by Patrick Kelleher. Doo wop’s brand of pop relies heavy on vocal harmonies and Patrick’s voice is one up to the task. The ghost in the title also comes from his ability to add some haunting atmospheres to songs.  The originals are by The Bop Chords, Jimmy “Handyman” Jones, Rosie and the Originals, The Teen Queens , Eddie Cochran’s classic ‘Summertime Blues’, Rosie and the Originals

It’ll be released on Saturday on 50 hand numbered cassettes through Long Lost Records from Elastic Witch and the Record Store Gay pop-up shop. Or you can buy it now from Bandcamp.


Posted on April 19th, 2012



Here we are. The end of the sixth year of the Nialler9 poll. Thank you all once again for voting. We had about 100 or so votes that made up the results in songs, new artists, EPs and now, the big one – albums. Our ultimate winner has topped the poll before that doesn’t negate the indisputable fact that there’s plenty of superb Irish music contained within this list…

Top 25 Irish albums of 2011 as voted by you…→

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Posted on December 23rd, 2011


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Squarehead and Patrick Kelleher reconvene years later for an episode of the fake behind-the-music documentary series Class Albums to discuss the recording process of their 2011 split 7″ – ‘Just a Tragedy/Attention to Detail’. It was directed by Rupert from Bats. The real single and launch info is after the jump.

Choice quote (there are many):

“If I had to compare my bass tone to an animal it would be some sort of exotic cat.”

“We were the first Irish artist to use the word “breast” in a song. Of course, this was 2011 so it caused a lot of controversy at the time.”

“I’ve got a lot of ladies of the night…. who visit me during the day.”


Posted on October 24th, 2011


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Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands‘ second album was never going to be exactly the same sound as his debut You Look Cold. Where that album traded on the sounds of leftfield electronica, experimental and ambient music, Golden Syrup moves between the shadows and sub-genres of electronica and ambient music into deeper territory.

Golden Syrup is more nuanced than its predecessor taking in gothic noir electronica, spectral pop, woozy ’80s synthesizers, “whacked-out ghost disco”, “kraut-disco” and Italo-influenced numbers.

Patrick Kelleher’s voice is much more versatile too. From the Ian Curtis-esque croon of ‘Seen Me Blue’ to the rather sweet and gentle tones of ‘Broken Up Now,’ he exudes a confidence which was always lurking in the music but it now sure of itself. John Maus is a good comparison in that regard. Golden Syrup is also more of a band record, so it’s harder to define overall with its mesh of styles and sounds. Give it lots of spins.

Golden Syrup gets a launch this Friday in The Grand Social with support Declan Q Kelly, Magic Pocket & DJs Mici Durnin & School Tour. (€10).

Pre-order – LP vinyl (w/ mp3 Download code) | Digipak CD

Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands – Golden Syrup by osakaRecords

Posted on July 13th, 2011


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In April, we got the chance to hear the first new bit of material from Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands in the form of the “whacked-out ghost disco” of ‘Miracle Candle’. That song and recent live sets suggested Kelleher was moving his sound on further and for extra evidence may I submit ‘Too Many Harsh Words’, the second song from the Golden Syrup, the forthcoming album out on July 15th through Osaka.

‘Too Many Harsh Words’ is indicative of Golden Syrup, a kraut-disco groove with a big-ass bassline with synth squelches and blotches. I love it. The label says that the album has “a more gothic, minimal synth sound.”

Download: Patrick Kelleher & His Cold Dead Hands-Too Many Harsh Words

Golden Syrup is launched on July 15th in The Grand Social, Dublin with support from Declan Q Kelly, Magic Pockets and DJs Mici Durnin (Wall of Death/B-Music) & School Tour. Facebook event page. Check out the album cover..»

Posted on June 7th, 2011


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