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The best songs of the week

The best songs of the week



Cassius feat. Cat Power & Pharrell Williams

‘Go Up’

French duo draw on their friends list to make some upbeat dance pop.

In 2006, Cassius and Pharrell Williams collaborated on an average track called ‘Eye Water’. Post Random Access Memories, perhaps Williams felt it could have been better so they got back together to try it again. The French Touch dance duo have never quite crossed over to anything approaching that level of recognition but forthcoming album Ibifornia, their first in 10 years has drawn in some big names like Mike D, Cat Power, Ryan Tedder and Pharrell. ‘Go’ is a fresh sound for all involved. Combined with ‘Action’, Ibifornia sounds like summer potential.




Promising London rock music.

London-based five-piece’s second single ‘Cecile’ on Chess Club / Mom + Pop has an immediate strident impact due to its confident arrangement drawing from dreamy pop, psychedelia and shoegaze. Somehow, it doesn’t just sound nostalgic, perhaps that’s helped by singer Isabel Munoz-Newsome’s far-reaching emotional vocal delivery.

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