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The Knife & Planningtorock – ‘Let’s Talk About Gender Baby’

The Knife & Planningtorock – ‘Let’s Talk About Gender Baby’


When Planningtorock was asked to remix a song from The Knife’s Shaking The Habitual album, it’s no surprise that an artist whose last single directly addressed gender issues: ‘Misxgyny Drxp Dead’. Janine Planningtorock zoomed in on the ‘Let’s talk about gender baby’ line from ‘Full of Fire’, an obvious reference to Salt-n-Pepa’s ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’.

“I was completely moved by its groovy directness so i started recording this super fun bass line and totally went for a funky celebration feel,” she says. Planningtorock also directed the video. Let’s Talk About Gender Baby, Let’s Talk About You And Me’ (Planningtorock Rework) will be released October 14/15 on Rabid / Brille / Mute Records. A Hannah Holland ‘Raging Lung’ remix is on the B-side.