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The 10 best new songs out today

The 10 best new songs out today


Today is New Music Friday, which means there’s loads of new songs in the world.

Here are the 10 single songs released today I loved the most.

See the New Music section for all the of tracks and albums featured this week.

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Late Now

The Irish artist Shiv has kicked off her 2023 account with the vibey new song ‘Late Now’, which has psych pop and drum breaks bedded in.

It’s the first release for Shiv with new label Warner Music Ireland and was written when she lived in Paris with production duo Superparka.

“I tried my best to portray a feeling of frustration and chaos through the lyrics and ensured that was a key part of the production. It’s really exciting to show people a different side to me, show that I’m not bound to a specific genre/mood and begin to grow as an artist both thematically and musically.’ 

Shiv is on Insta / Tik-Tok

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Gorillaz, Adeyele Omotayo

Silent Running

A fresh teaser from the upcoming Gorillaz album Cracker Island (others are here) brings in Gorillaz live performer Adeleye Omotayo on co-vocals with Albarn, on a song that feels like the cartoon band by numbers. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Cracker Island is out 24th February on Parlophone.


English Teacher

Song About Love

Leeds indie band English Teacher have paired up their dreamy pop song with a Sims video, and it all adds up to a kooky little vibe.

It was made with Speedy Wunderground label boss and Kae Tempest / Fontaines D.C. producer Dan Carey.

“It’s a pop song about doing chores instead of doing someone else, and how even songs with social or political themes that analyse contemporary discourse, rather than lyricism about tired themes like romantic love, still come from a place of love, or lack thereof.

Lily Fontaine

English Teacher:
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Sabrina Bellaouel


I featured the French-Algerian producer and vocalist Sabrina Bellaouel in 2020 on ‘The Build Up’. The artist’s latest tune ‘Eclipse’ is a heady percussive banger (“a space-age celebration of astrology”), built with low-end, repetitious vocal samples, courtesy of Algerian Raï singer Cheba Sabah.

‘Eclipse’ is from her forthcoming debut album Al Hadr, due for release on 3rd March via InFiné. It was co-produced with InFiné labelmate Basile 3


Aby Coulibaly


DublinR&B, neo-soul and hip-hop artist Aby Coulibaly is in a pensive mood on new song ‘Rewind’, a piano ballad of sorts from a forthcoming EP The End Of The Day, It’s Night. It’s a song about adolescent isolation:

“[It’s about] looking back on a moment/time where you wish you did things differently, whether that’s speak your mind more, stick up for yourself or just say something you didn’t have the courage to at the time. I was picked on as a kid which led to me being more quiet/insecure and just unsure of myself for a long long time.”

The video underscores the theme of the song with Aby performing it without is seeing the audience feedback, and the single artwork features Aby as a toddler with text taken from a letter written home by her primary school teacher who had concerns about Aby withdrawing into herself.

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Avalon Emerson & The Charm

Sandrail Silhouette

Ahead of her DJ date in Tengu in March, the Arizona musician has swapped the decks for a guitar with a shoegaze Cocteau Twins-esque track from new project Avalon Emerson & the Charm.

It was co-written with Avalon’s wife Hunter Lombard, cellist Keivon Hobeheidar and producer Bullion as she shared on Insta.



Cloudy (Kelbin remix)

A remix of Daphni’s ‘Cloudy’ that keeps the original vibe intact and brings new shades to it from the young Italian producer Kelbin.


Fever Ray


Fever Ray teases another track from the forthcoming album Radical Romantics (March 10th on Rabid Records), with trademark steel pan and synths backing alongside brother Olof Dreijer on vocals.

It’s the third song from the record.

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Well, this was a first for me. Where did you hear about the Donegal dance duo Disfreq for the first time Niall? Well, reader, I saw them referenced in the Solomun New Yorker profile recently.

The DJ and producer has been playing the Donegal lads’ tracks in Ibiza and today they released six tracks on his Diynamic label, of which the electro surge of ‘Flame’ is my standout.




Rosalía is in off-cut mode and using the English language on a verse on newest song which stands for ‘Lie Like You Love Me’.

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