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The 10 best songs released today

The 10 best songs released today


Today is New Music Friday, which means there’s loads of new songs in the world.

Here are the 10 single best songs released today I loved.

See the New Music section for all the of tracks and albums featured this week.

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Declaime, Madlib


From today’s In the Beginning, Vol. 2 of with Declaime aka Stones Throw Californian artist Dudley Perkins rapping over Madlib beats, comes this easy across the ages classic-sounding rap track.



Always Neighbours

Wake up it’s 2019 and you need to get over it.
Wake up it’s 2019 and you need to get on with it

Ahead of their show at Dun Laoghaire Folk Festival tonight, the duo of Laura Quirke and Claire Kinsella aka Lemoncello have released the first single from since their 2020’s Oil And Water EP.

It’s a gorgeous unfurling folk song across five and half minutes

Lemoncello say ‘Always Neighbours’ is:

“An ode to the cyclical nature of love and life. A reminder that in order to be free, we must at once let the past go while knowing it’s what has given us the resilience to march on.”

A Lemoncello debut album is on the way soon.



No Love

Clondalkin “Gaelic Drill” rapper Sello is about ready to drop his debut mixtape Sellótape on September 30th.

‘No Love’ is a confident song drawing on drill, afrobeats, and pop that is setting the scene nicely for the 17-track mixtape, which features Robbie G, Reggie, JRILLA , Offica and Evans Junior and production by Max Crowley.

Lovin’ that piano on the track.




The Chicago duo of Julien Ehlrich and Max Kakacek aka Whitney are evolving their sound in a fresh way as heard on songs like ‘Memory’, the latest track from their album Spark, due September 16th on Secretly Canadian.

The lyrics of ‘Memory’ illustrate someone processing and eventually accepting their fear of death. Halfway through writing the song our bandmate Will Miller sent along the chords for what would become the outro of the song without ever hearing “Memory.” It was one of those harmonious moments where two separate ideas somehow fit together immediately. The final third speaks to the afterlife in a way we wouldn’t have been able to match with words.



Body Mind Hell

Polish mutant techno vocal artist Martyna Maja aka VTSS has already made us scream and been incredibly annoying this year and the latest track ‘Body Mind Hell’, drawn from the forthcoming EP Circulus Vitiosus out 16th September on Ninja Tune, is as corporeal as her DJ sets get. It’s also a lot, a lot of fun.

VTSS plays Electric Picnic


Rival Consoles

Figo Joins Barcelona

The new Netflix series The Figo Affair: The Transfer that Changed Football about Portusgese legendary footballer Luís Figo’s transfer from Barcelona to Real Madrid in 2000 is soundtracked by Rival Consoles, who is giving off Nathan Micay Industry soundtrack vibes with these arpeggios.

You can listen to the album in full here.

Remember that time Mogwai soundtracked a match that Zidane played in full?


I. Jordan

Hey Baby

Look away now, if it’s subtlety you’re seeking, as I. Jordan (FKA India Jordan)’s new track is a blare of sirens and fizzy sherbert beats.

“Hey Baby is a fun club track that doesn’t take itself seriously! I’ve been playing it in clubs and festivals for the last year and it’s always gone down a treat” they comment,” says Jordan.


Aidan Noell & Nancy Whang


Nation Of Language’s Aidan Noell & LCD Soundystem’s Nancy Whang team up for a cover of Detroit techno classic from A Number Of Names, with production and mixing by Nick Millhiser of Holy Ghost!.

Here’s the original.


Kornél Kovács, Aluna


Studio Barnhaus’ co-founder Kornél Kovács enlists Aluna of Alunageorge for a crisp UKG two-stepping slice of bright pads and synths.

The track is from Kovács’ third studio album Hotel Koko on on October 14th.

Speaking on the album concept, Kornél explains: “I wanted this album to centre around a fictional, dreamlike place. I’ve often had friends staying at my flat in Stockholm while I’ve been away touring or recording. At one point I wrote down some basic information and silly “house rules” on a paper, making it look like stationery for a “Hotel Koko”. I found that piece of paper while cleaning my flat a while back, that’s when the idea and the album title fell into place. I think all hotels, from the shabbiest to the most luxurious, have a sense of fantasy and mystique about them, they’re these “liminal spaces” if you will, where anything could happen behind the locked hotel room doors.”


Oliver Sim

GMT (Jamie xx remix)

I haven’t been too gone on Oliver Sim’s solo material to date but it’s interesting to see and hear the difference between the soul-leaning solo version and this expansive 9-minute plus electronic remix from his bandmate Jamie xx.

Sim’s album Hideous Bastard is out Friday September 9th.

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